Trade Synonym

Synonyms And Antonyms of Trade (Entry 1 of 2)Synonyms And Antonyms of Trade (Entry 1 of 2)

  1. A giving or taking of a single thing of value in return for another

When the other team unexpectedly obtainable to hand over its top pitcher for our star shortstop, our coach decided to the Trade

Synonyms For Trade

Back-and-forth, commutation, dicker, quid pro quo, exchange, swap, trade-off, truck, barter

Words Related To Trade

Replacement, substitution, reciprocation, dickering, recompense, requital, bargain, deal, horse trade, negotiation, transaction, bargaining, dealing, haggling, horse trading, logrolling

  1. an occupation requiring skilful use of the hands of youth eager to learn the cabinetmaking trade.

Synonyms For Trade

Art, craft, handcraft, handicraft

Words Related To Trade

Skill, calling, metier, occupation, profession, vocation

  1. The activity by which one frequently makes a living

writing is my Trade

Synonyms For Trade

calling, employment, game, lay, occupation, line, profession, vocation, work

Words Related To Trade

Call, lifework, business, field, livelihood, living, métier (also metier), racket [slang], assignment, engagement, gig, mission, art, craft, enterprise, handcraft, handicraft, appointment, berth, billet, office, place, position, post, duty, function, situation, job, load, task, workload

Near Antonyms For Trade

Avocation, hobby, pursuit

  1. The buying and selling of goods, particularly on a large scale and between different places, a bill regulating trade with that country

Synonyms For Trade

business, marketplace, traffic, commerce

Words Related To Trade

Free Trade, black market, grey market, dealings, horse-trading, e-tail, merchandising, retailing, wholesaling, bartering

  1. The transfer of ownership of instead from one person to another for a price the Trade of all of her holdings in the company just before the stock plunged in value directly aroused suspicions

Synonyms for Trade

Deal, transaction, sale

Words Related to trade

Auction, silent auction, horse-trading, haggle, negotiation, bargain, buy, steal, rummage sale,  purchase, clearance, closeout, fire sale, fair, garage sale, jumble sale [British], tag sale, yard sale, trade verb

Synonyms & Antonyms Of Trade (Entry 2 Of 2)Synonyms & Antonyms Of Trade (Entry 2 Of 2)

  1. To carry on buying and selling goods or extra property, the U.S. agreed to trade with China.

Synonyms For Trade

Traffic, Deal

Words Related to trade

bargain, barter, horse-trade, negotiate, transact, auction, exchange, merchandise (also merchandise), rebuy, resell, swap, buy, pick up, purchase, take, distribute, fair-trade, market, peddle, retail, sell, supply, vend, wholesale, black-market, bootleg, fence, smuggle, corner, engross, monopolize, undersell, day-trade, invest, speculate

Near Antonyms for Trade

black [chiefly British], blackball, boycott

  1. To give up and take something else in return

I’ll trade my brown chip cookie for your bag of chips

Synonyms For Trade

change, commute, shift, exchange, substitute, swap, switch

Words Related To Trade

Interchange, displace, supersede, replace, cede, hand over, surrender, yield, reciprocate.

How To Use Trading In A Sentence

  • Of course, I always gave this to the guide to send the letter when he got to the trading post.
  • Cotton exchanges reopened on November 16, and stock exchanges opened for limited trading shortly after that.
  • It’s a certainty that they will remain captured if they spend that money at any trading post within our jurisdiction.
  • Jacob robbed his brother of his birthright by trading on his hunger; Joseph robbed a whole people similarly.
  • This intimacy arose partly from connotation while fishing for Cod, which abound in these waters, and partly from trading in furs.
  • This river was, throughout the French regime, the centre of both trading and missionary activities for all of Northeastern Canada.
  • But if he does, well, directly begin trading elsewhere. I don’t think Mr Closewick always gives us good weight!
  • During numerous months no trading or mail-steamer came, and the Zamboangueños remained practically cut off from the rest of the world.
  • Earlier in 1651, Parliament had approved a law prohibiting foreign vessels from trading with the American colonists.
  • This levelling spirit gradually converts the historic Walled City into a busy retail trading centre.

FAQ About Trade

How is the word Trade distinct from extra similar nouns?

Some common trade synonyms are business, commerce, industry, and traffic. Though all these words mean “activity concerned with the provision and distribution of commodities,” commerce and Trade imply the exchange then transportation of commodities.

In what contexts can a business take the place of Trade?

The words business and Trade can remain used in similar contexts. Still, the company may be an inclusive term but specifically designates the activities of those engaged in purchasing or selling commodities or related financial transactions.

When could the industry be used to substitute Trade?

The words industry and Trade remain synonyms but do differ in nuance. Specifically, industry applies to producing commodities, especially by engineering or processing, usually on a large scale.

When can traffic remain used instead of Trade?

While in near cases nearly identical to Trade, traffic smears to the operation and functioning of public carters of goods and persons.

Words Related To Trading

Bargaining – Noun Trade

  • Dealings
  • Exchange
  • Haggling
  • Trading
  • Transaction

Business – noun – commerce, Trade

  • Affairs
  • Bargaining
  • Barter
  • Buying And Selling
  • Capital And Labor
  • Commercialism
  • Contracts
  • Deal
  • Dealings
  • Exchange
  • Game
  • Industrialism
  • Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Market
  • Merchandising
  • Racket
  • Sales
  • Selling
  • Trading
  • Traffic
  • Transaction
  • Undertaking

Trade Synonym – Businesses – Noun – Commerce, Trade

  • Mom And Pops
  • Cartels
  • Concerns
  • Corporations
  • Establishments
  • Factories
  • Firms
  • Fly-By-Night Operations
  • Houses
  • Also, Institutions
  • Also, Markets
  • Megacorps
  • Also, Mills
  • Also, Monopolies
  • Organizations
  • Outfits
  • Also, Partnerships
  • Also, Setups
  • Shoestring Operations
  • Shops
  • Also, Stores
  • Also, Syndicates
  • Trusts
  • Also, Ventures

Commercial – Adjective – Concerning Business, Marketing

  • Across The Counter
  • Also, Bartering
  • Commissary
  • Also, Economic
  • Also, Exchange
  • Financial
  • Fiscal
  • Also, For Sale
  • In Demand
  • Also, In The Market
  • Market
  • Also, Marketable
  • Also, Mercantile
  • Merchandising
  • Also, Monetary
  • Also, Pecuniary
  • Popular
  • Also, Profit-Making
  • Also, Profitable
  • Retail
  • Also, Retailing
  • Also, Saleable
  • Sales
  • Supplying
  • Also, Trade
  • Trading
  • Also, Wholesale
  • Also, Wholesaling

Consumerism – Noun Ever-Expanding Consumption Of Goods

  • Business
  • Also, Capitalism
  • Also, Commercialism
  • Industrialism
  • Also, Merchandising
  • Also, Trading

Disposal – Noun Parting With Or Throwing Something Away

  • Auctioning
  • Bartering
  • Chucking
  • Also, Clearance
  • Also, Conveyance
  • Demolishing
  • Also, Demolition
  • Also, Destroying
  • Destruction
  • Discarding
  • Also, Dispatching
  • Also, Dispensation
  • Disposition
  • Dumping
  • Also, Ejection
  • Also, Jettison
  • Jettisoning
  • Junking
  • Also, Relegation
  • Also, Relinquishment
  • Removal
  • Riddance
  • Also, Sacrifice
  • Also, Sale
  • Scrapping
  • Also, Selling
  • Also, Trading
  • Transfer
  • Also, Transference
  • Also, Vending

Distribution – Noun – Allocation, Dispersion

  • Administration
  • Also, Allowing
  • Allotment
  • Also, Apportioning
  • Also, Apportionment
  • Assessment
  • Also, Assigning
  • Also, Circulating
  • Circulation
  • Also, Dealing
  • Also, Delivery
  • Diffusion
  • Dispensation
  • Also, Dispersal
  • Also, Disposal
  • Disposing
  • Also, Dissemination
  • Dissipating
  • Division
  • Also, Dole
  • Handing Out
  • Handling
  • Mailing
  • Marketing
  • Also, Partition
  • Also, Partitioning
  • Propagation
  • Prorating
  • Also, Rationing
  • Also, Scattering
  • Sharing
  • Also, Spreading
  • Trading
  • Also, Transport
  • Also, Transportation

Negotiating – Noun – Transacting

  • Bargaining
  • Also, Conferring
  • Trading

Trade Synonym – Patronage – Noun – Business Done At An Establishment

  • Buying
  • Also, Clientage
  • Clientele
  • Also, Commerce
  • Also, Custom
  • Shopping
  • Trade
  • Also, Trading
  • Also, Traffic

Selling – Noun – The Act Of Selling

  • Auction
  • Also, Auctioning
  • Bartering
  • Also, Merchandising
  • Also, Sale
  • Trading
  • Transacting
  • Also, Transfer
  • Also, Transferring


Although, What is it called Trade? Also, Trade refers to the intended exchange of goods or facilities between economic actors. Since transactions are consensual, Trade remains generally considered to benefit both parties. Also, In finance, trading discusses purchasing and selling securities or other assets. Trade Synonym

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