Mobile Marketing Campaigns

The notion that mobile may eventually supplant fixed internet connection has progressed from dramatic headlines to reality. We now know that we live in a mobile environment, with users preferring smaller devices with smaller screens.

Mobile marketing efforts remain increasingly recognized as a legitimate tool for reaching out to the target audience, with almost 55.68 per cent of online traffic originating from mobile devices (some sources claim this percentage is as high as 70 per cent).

That is not all. The COVID-19 epidemic has added fuel to this brisk digital trend (including mobile marketing), as customers worldwide increasingly rely on mobile devices for various reasons.

Also, Considering that the average time spent on mobile phones has expanded from 2 hours to around 5 hours per day. Also, reaching your target audience on their chosen platform is the best method to appeal to them. You may read more about these developments here.

Types Of Mobile Marketing CampaignsTypes Of Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Here are some similar themes that may remain noticed in the mobile marketing campaign examples that follow:

  • Raising brand awareness among the target demographic.
  • Keeping clients and enhancing their customer lifetime value
  • Customer service after the transaction and easy onboarding
  • Obtaining genuine opt-in requests via providing immediate benefit.
  • We are notifying smartphone users about current promos.
  • Push notifications on mobile apps provide real-time updates.
  • Obtaining priceless feedback
  • Running a successful referral campaign.
  • Personalization via dynamic content.
  • I was keeping track of user activity.
  • I am providing location-based services and promotions.
  • They are selling more items or services to a specific clientele.
  • Follow up with transactions or trigger campaigns in reaction to a user’s activity or inaction.
  • We are bringing back clients who are about to leave.
  • A good mobile marketing strategy might be hyper-focused on any of the criteria listed above, or it could combine them.

Examples of Mobile Marketing CampaignsExamples of Successful Mobile Marketing Campaigns

1. Domino

To be able to grab people’s attention, the advertisement of Domino’s had to be “big” but it was Pizza Hut playing at the Super Bowl which acted as the official sponsor. Moreover, Through this programme awarding part of every purchase to people in need, the company has already managed to achieve this noble mission.

Although, Customers could enrol in the Rewards Program and gain 10 points for scanning any pizza. Yes, even if it wasn’t a Domino’s pizza! Also, After accumulating 60 points, the individual would earn a free Domino’s pizza!

Although, This guerrilla mobile marketing campaign required only a basic AI-powered pizza scanning smartphone app. Also, which resulted in a massive amount of user-generated material and improved brand recognition.

2. Ogilvy & Mathers Scrabble: Free WiFi

Through their “Free WiFi” mobile marketing campaign, advertising behemoths Ogilvy & Mather posed this critical subject to Paris.

The company collaborated with Scrabble to provide smartphone users free WiFi connectivity, particularly in underserved areas. Also, The catch was simple: show off your spelling talents and earn points to acquire access to the internet for extended periods. The businesses also promoted the idea through social media marketing initiatives.

The result was incredible: people unscrambled over 6,000 phrases to get over 110,000 minutes of free WiFi! Not to add that the mobile applications remained downloaded in droves during this time!


Digital promotion campaigns that are being conducted online through mobile phones are called mobile marketing campaigns. Last, Mobile marketing refers to the Multi-channel digital marketing technique. The aim is to connect a target audience via smartphones, tablets, and other convenient mobile devices through micro-sites, email, SMS and MMS channels, social media as well as applications. Especially, the users’ attention (pledging wallets) is now more on their smartphone recently.

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