Rushing Trading Co

At Rushing Trading Co., They provide delicious craft espresso using the organic beans roasted by Cloudland Coffee out of Johns Creek, Georgia. Also, The coffee comes fresh to us every week from small, women-owned farms throughout South America.

Although, Their trained baristas have remained taught to extract the beautiful flavours that capture the ideas of these fantastic coffee farmers. Also, Zen Tea provides seasonal loose-leaf teas out of Chamblee, Georgia. In addition, they always stock speciality green, hibiscus and black tea that consistently changes.

How to Contact Rushing Trading CoHow to Contact Rushing Trading Co

Service options: Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · No delivery

Address: 5029 W Broad St NE, Sugar Hill, GA 30518, United States

Hours: Friday     8 am–2 pm

Saturday: 8 am–3 pm

Sunday: 9 am–3 pm

Monday: 8 am–2 pm

Tuesday: 8 am–2 pm

Wednesday: 8 am–2 pm

Thursday: 8 am–2 pm


Phone: +1 678-288-9808

Order: square. Site

About Rushing Trading Co

They are a mother-daughter duo that started with a small coffee cart called “Chillybean Coffee Co.” in Norcross, Georgia. Mattie began as a young college barista, eventually moving up to train in New York City and Italy for coffee.

Although, It ultimately inspired a school project which became the business plan for the original Chillybean. Also, Amber closed her successful photography company and dove head first with Mattie into the world of coffee and food.

Although, Chillybean graciously served the art festivals, weddings, music festivals and movie sets in the Atlanta area starting in 2017. Then, with hard work, they opened the first gourmet eatery here in Sugar Hill in January 2019. Also, Bringing you only the best foodstuffs and services, They hope to make a small impact on your life.

Brunch Form Rushing Trading Co

Where European meets Southern, brunch ranges from fresh buttermilk biscuits, stuffed French toast, shrimp & grits and much more. Locally sourced and globally inspired, they aim to impress you using the small details and always choosing quality.

You’ll find many gluten-free, vegan and keto-friendly brunch options on the menu that will satisfy everyone’s tastebuds. So come by for the fantastic variety of brunch options, from avocado toast to grilled cheese.

Brunch Menu

Buttermilk Biscuits

Beginner’s Trail Biscuit – $6: Fried egg and Irish cheddar on a fresh homemade buttermilk biscuit

Intermediate Hike Biscuit – $7: Swaggerty’s sausage, egg & Irish cheddar

Chris P. Bacon Biscuit – $7: Thick-cut applewood bacon, egg & Irish cheddar

Hunters Biscuit – $7 * Served only in Sugar Hill: Salt-cured country ham, Irish cheddar, apple butter

Yosemite Biscuit – $9: Thick-cut bacon, fresh avocado, tomato, egg, & smoked Gouda

Mini Brown Sugar Biscuits – $5 *Served only in Sugar Hill: Fresh buttermilk mini biscuits served hot, brushed with brown sugar butter. Four biscuits in a serving

Hühnerwanderung (chicken biscuit) – $9 *Served only in Sugar Hill: Perdue chicken breast breaded with smoked Gouda, avocado smash, and fresh tomato.

Brunch Toast

The Valley Toast – $9: Fresh avocado smash besides Montchevre goat cheese on multigrain toast, garnished with fresh lemon slices then drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil, add egg – $2

El Ranchero Toast – $10: New avocado smash, black beans, Mexican street corn, over-easy egg, and pico de gallo, add chilli-lime roasted shrimp – $4

Toast Mount Zion – $9: Multigrain bread piled through fresh avocado smash, smoked Gouda, scrambled egg, tomato, and dusted with a suggestion of cayenne pepper.


Harvest Croissant – $12: Their very own chicken salad with roasted apples, cranberries, celery, and shallots, topped with arugula and tomato on a fresh toasted croissant

Joanne Sandwich – $11: Fenced cheese with avocado and tomato, increased bacon – $2

Caprese – $11: Fresh tomatoes, pesto, mozzarella, and balsamic vinegar on a toasted baguette

Turkey BLT – $12: Fresh-cut roasted turkey with tomato, thick-cut bacon, and arugula on toasted multigrain with chive aioli

Le Chateau – $13 *Aided only in Sugar Hill: Apples, prosciutto, brie, and cranberry aioli, baguette, toasted and served on a warm baguet

Breakfast in Normandy – $12: Warm croissant, burned ham, egg, Gouda, tomato, and arugula

Salad & Soup

Chillybean Salad – $12: Candied bacon, Montchevre goat cheese, strawberries, and almonds on fresh babe spinach with balsamic glaze. Add shrimp salmon, or chicken salad – $4

RTC Summer Salad – $4/$9: New cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, then cucumber tossed with lemon vinaigrette and enhanced with walnuts; add salmon, shrimp, or chicken salad – $4

Bowl Salmon Rush – $14: Fresh spinach in quinoa with cut avocado, seared pesto-crusted salmon through fresh pico de gallo and smooth cilantro dressing

Fresh Caprese – $11: Ready fresh tomatoes covered with fresh mozzarella drizzled per balsamic glaze served on arugula.

Brunch Plates

Breakfast Charcuterie – $22 *Served first in Sugar Hill: Irish cheddar, smoked Gouda, two eggs, fresh Fruit, country ham, bacon, sausage, two buttermilk biscuits, apple butter, creamy 3-cheese grits, and breakfast trail mix

Rushing Benedict – $12 *Helped only in Sugar Hill: Also, Open-faced biscuit, two eggs, and country ham overpowered with gravy

Rushing Burrito Brunch – $13: Soft, warm tortilla, Goud, sausage, eggs, black beans, corn, pico, then cilantro cream, aided with Fresh Fruit

Southern Shrimp & Grits – $16 *Assisted only in Sugar Hill: 6 large gulf shrimp cooked to excellence over creamy 3-cheese grits with andouille sausage, sweet corn, & tomato gravy with a kick!

Craft Cocktails And Catering

Prohibition-inspired cocktails make up our craft cocktail bar. Also, The amazing bartenders greet you at the open bar for good conversation and delicate brunch concoctions. If you’re lucky, the bartender may be inclined to create something for you or occasionally put on a show.

Although, They have something for you: tequila Cream, Hot Chocolates, Earl Grey martini and Bottomless Mimosas. Also, Ask about staff favourites, and you won’t be disappointed! Also, The extensive catering options for gourmet Charcuterie, Breakfast, Coffee Bars or Lunches.

Although, They can provide a beautiful set-up and delivery options for busy neighbours. Also, check out the fantastic evening event space for corporate cocktail hours, bridal showers, baby showers and birthday parties.

Breakfast Catering

Fresh Buttermilk Biscuits

Egg & Irish Cheddar – $6/person

Bacon, Egg & Irish Cheddar – $7/person

Sausage, Egg & Irish Cheddar – $7/person: Country Ham, Irish Cheddar, Apple Butter – $7/person

Assorted Buttermilk Biscuit Tray – $80 (serves 12).

Other Meals

Assorted Fresh Pastries – $3/person: An assortment of muffins, croissants and danishes

Fresh Fruit – $3/Person: Fresh Fruit Bowl with Assorted Fresh Cut Fruits

Breakfast Charcuterie – $18/person: Assorted Cheeses, Fruits, Hams and Sausage, Mini Pastries and other Goodies Arranged Beautifully on a Wooden Board

Boxed Lunches

Also, Caprese Sandwich Boxed Lunch – $11/person: Each box includes a Caprese sandwich (w/ tomatoes, mozzarella, basil pesto & balsamic on a toasted baguette), chips, and a pickle.

Also, St. Michelle Sandwich Boxed Lunch – $13/person: Also, Each box includes a St. Michelle sandwich (w/ prosciutto, salami, ham, smoked Gouda, cranberry aioli, tomato & arugula on a baguette), chips, and a pickle.

Turkey BLT Sandwich Boxed Lunch – $12/person: Also, Each box includes a turkey sandwich (w/ tomato, lettuce, chive aioli & bacon on multigrain bread), chips, and a pickle.

Also, Chicken Salad Sandwich Boxed Lunch – $12/person: Each box includes a chicken salad sandwich (w/ green onions & cranberries on a croissant), chips, and a pickle.


Although, “Gourmet brunch, coffee and cocktails made fresh every day. Also, Fresh buttermilk biscuits, European-style sandwiches, homemade soups, shrimp and grits, bottomless mimosas, and breakfast cocktails! Come see Mattie and Amber, a mother/daughter duo, to see what new thing they have cooked up!”

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