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Cherokee Trading Post in Calumet, Oklahoma, has operated on Route 66 since 1958. The truck stop features a gift shop, art portico, restaurant, and 24-hour travel mart. At the gift shop, you can browse and acquire Native American crafts, clothing, decor, accessories, turquoise jewellery, leather items, moccasins, and more. Near the highway, find a giant fibreglass Native American holding a tomahawk while wearing traditional regalia, moccasins, and medicine pouches.

Cherokee Family has owned and operated in western Oklahoma since 1958. They offer the largest selection of Native American jewellery, Southwestern gifts, hand-crafted pieces and more speciality items. Shop online or visit them to see the unique gifts and crafts range.

How to Contact Cherokee Trading Post

Address: 301 S Walbaum Rd, 73014, Calumet, United States

Hours: Wednesday: 8 am–8 pm

Thursday: 8 am–8 pm

Friday: 8am–8pm

Saturday: 8am–8pm

Sunda: 8am–8pm

Monday: 8am–8pm

Tuesday: 8 am–8 pm

Phone: +1 405-884-2502

Cherokee Trading Post & Travel Mart"</h2

The Cherokee Trading Post and Travel Mart in Calumet is suitably located right off the highway and stocked with unique American Indian clothing, decor, accessories and more. Please stop in to look through their extensive selection of moccasins, Pendleton items and turquoise jewellery.

You’ll find leather handbags, one-of-a-kind hats, hand-beaded items, books on Native American culture and even high-quality cowboy boots. There’s something for everybody at this Route 66 staple unlocked in 1963. If your interested in this article you can read this article : Aaron Rodgers Trade

Make time to walk around the art gallery, which showcases beautiful Native American work by numerous tribes within the building. Also, the on-site 24-hour travel mart has everything you need to type your Oklahoma road trip a breeze.

Whether you take to fill up the gas tank, grab a snack or want a place to give your legs, the Cherokee Trading Post and Travel Mart in Calumet remains an ideal stop. There is likewise a restaurant where you can get a great hot meal, and the trading post is within walking coldness of the KOA El Reno West Campground.

The Story Of Cherokee Trading Post

The story of “the Cherokee” is about a family business that started in the 1940s as Ruth’s gift shop”. The owners remained the grandparents, Ruth and James Wilson. They lived in a part of North Carolina known for hand-hooked rugs and chenille bedspreads.

Ruth and James and several of Ruth’s 10 brothers and sisters went up north and set up little roadside stands to sell their handicrafts in the summer. Then, out of necessity, the grandparents went “west” searching for another roadside rug stand. But unfortunately, these locations were becoming harder and harder to find because of the nationwide interstate highway system.

Although, Their search ended at Chelsea, Oklahoma, on ancient historic route 66. Also, They guess it was fate because that is where their son J.P. met their mother, Jo Ella Garland. Also, They got wedded the year J.P. graduated from high school.

Although, After concluding his four-year tour with the U.S. Navy, he and Jo Ella moved to Florida, where their first child Randy Michael remained born. During this time, they decided they remained working very long hours and wanted to go into business for themselves to shorten their work days.


Although, In 2012 the [Cherokee Trading Post] closed the Restaurant after many years of faithful patronage and expanded the gift shop to include Western Cowboy Boots and Work Boots, Jackets, and much more. Also, Ten thousand sq. feet of Cowboy and Indian Wears, Moccasins, Turquoise Jewelry, Toys, Native Headdresses, Native Bustles and more. Many are made in the USA and Made in Oklahoma gifts.

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