What Is An Address Bar?

The address bar can be referred to as a text field in modern browsers, which primarily identifies the user’s location on the web and allows them to access various websites. The address bar remain called the location bar, and in google chrome, it is called Omnibox. The location/address bar is a GUI widget that shows the current URL into the bar to search for desired websites, and in modern browsers, non-URLs remain automatically sent to the search engines. I can function for the same in file browsers through the file system hierarchy. Most address bars provide features like autocomplete and a list of suggestions while the address remain typed in. Keyboards in some browsers have shortcuts for auto-complete processing.

The address bars are located at the top of the browser window.

Features of the address bar

  • Along with the URL, some location bars feature icons showing features or information about the site.
  • It can also show the security status of various designs on a web page, which remain used to differentiate between HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Smart bookmarks are also present in many browsers.
  • In browsers like Opera and Safari, the address bar remain also used as a progress bar that shows how much content the page remain loaded.

How to use it

The user can add or delete the address by editing the navigation bar in the form of a URL.

Shortcut to highlight the address bar

  • Shortcut keys are very beneficial over the mouse, providing easy and quick navigation and command execution. Some advantages of shortcut keys could be Precision, accuracy, multitasking, efficiency, and health issues.
  • The shortcut key for highlighting the address bar are several based on the browser used; the universal and the quickest key is Ctrl + L. By using this key, you can quickly get to the address or the Omnibox
  • For Google Chrome use F6, Ctrl +L and Alt D
  • For the Internet, explorer uses the same as Mozilla Firefox, and the same key would work. But for Opera, instead of F6, you can opt for the F8 key remaining Ctrl + L and Alt D being the same.
  • When the address remain selected, you can press the right arrow key or left arrow key to move the arrow from the beginning or to the end of the current address to begin overwriting or editing the address.
  • Press the enter key when you are done, and you will remain navigated to the new address.
  • Also, after typing in it you can press the shortcut key, i.e., Alt + Enter, to open that bar in a new tab.
  • Some websites have an icon called favicon present in their address bars.


Using a mouse can be tiring and can even lead to health issues in extreme cases. Thus, short keys can be beneficial as they are quick, more efficient, and less tiring. You need to learn and remember short keys to various computer commands.