Https Trakt Tv Activate 

Hey! Are you looking for how to use Https Trakt Tv Activate? If YES, Then you’re at the right place. We will discuss how you can save a show to your Watchlist, build your watched History, create a personal list, and much more.

Https Trakt Tv Activate is a platform that helps you to track the shows and movies you watch on this platform. It provides you with all kinds of free TV shows and movies streamed online. Trakt Tv Activate includes every detail of the film and streaming shows, like their schedule and source, in a single place.

Steps To Register An Account On Trakt TvSteps To Register An Account On Trakt Tv

If you’re new to this platform and want to register an account on Trakt Tv, Then follow this to Register an account for free watching.

  1. Open the official website of Trakt TV, on Https Trakt Tv Activate
  2. then you can see “Join Trakt For Free,” Click on that.
  3. After Confirming your Email, Username, and Password, Confirm the Password. Once you check the “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy.”
  4. “Join Trakt button,” Click on That button. The next thigh will show you your personal information like Username, Location, Date set-up, Gender, and Birthday. Click on the “Next Step” button.
  5. Before Clicking on the “Next Step,” Select your favourite genre from the list.
  6. Before Clicking on the “Next Step” Button, Add your favourite movies and TV shows
  7. If you need to share your activities on various social media platforms, you will opt to receive a real-time notification. Click on the “Continue To Dashboard” button.
  8. Your account is now ready to use. Stream your favourites and enjoy them.

Tip: Always use a VPN while streaming free content.

Manage Your WatchlistManage Your Watchlist

Your Watchlist is a built-in list to track everything you want to watch. After you watch an item from your Watchlist, it repeatedly gets removed. Seeing 1 episode of a show or season will also remove that item. Your calendars and progress remain automatically updated with what you’re watching—no need to keep it on your Watchlist.

Creating New Lists

Showing rank adds a small number above each poster and is excellent for top 10 lists. Your lists page will only contain the built-in Watchlist. Select the Add List button to add your first personal list. The name and description remain used when displaying your list throughout the site.

Look For The Blue List Icons

Add shows, episodes, seasons, and movies to your Watchlist & personal lists by selecting a blue list icon. People can remain added to personal lists as well. You’ll see these buttons on each summary page and the most excellent grid views throughout the Trakt website.

Activate Trakt TV VIP

Unlock the full potential with the Trakt VIP account. To active a VIP account, follow the steps:

1 Step: Visit

2 Step: Get to know about the VIP subscription details and hit the “SIGN UP VIP” button.

3 Step: Subscribe using PayPal or Using your credit card.

4 Step: The VIP form appears. Fill it up with your credentials.

5 Step: Click on “Create Account and Pay Now.”

Now enjoy all the benefits of Trakt VIP.

Manage Your Watched HistoryManage Your Watched History

As you add stuff to your watched History, the buttons will update to give you stats and progress data on the summary page. You’ll see the play count and the date and time you watched the item.

Click your Profile name and select History to see the in-depth results of shows and movies you’ve viewed. If you want to remove plays from overlooked History, click the purple check mark over and approve the prompt that you want to remove all spaces for that item.


Trakt remains a fantastic web app for tracking TV shows and movies. If you subscribe to Trakt, it unlocks the whole range of features. You can enable a complete dark mode, custom iCal and RSS feeds of shows, an advanced filtering option, integration with IFTTT, and much more. You can use Trakt for free and get lots done with it.

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