Charge Mobile without Charger – Having your mobile charged throughout the day is essential to stay connected with family, friends and co-workers. Achieving it may seem simple if you have a charger and a plug wherever you go, but it is not usually the usual. If you spend a large part of the day away from home and they can’t lend you a suitable charger for your smartphone, the situation can get complicated.

What can I do if my phone runs out of battery and I don’t have a charger? Not everything is lost. There are alternatives so you can load it. Discover how to charge your mobile without a charger, without any cable and even without a plug. Keep reading this oneHOWTO article.

Wireless Charger

Don’t know how to charge your cell phone without a charger? The latest generation mobiles are usually adapted for wireless chargers, so it is no longer essential to carry yours in your backpack or bag if the phone runs out of battery.

The most recent models of mobiles, such as the iPhone 8 and later and other Android mobiles, have a built-in wireless standard. Any compatible wireless charging station or pad can charge the smartphone.

There are different wireless chargers on the market, such as pads placed on tables and supports that allow you to charge your mobile by placing it in a vertical position.

USB Port of a Laptop

You can also charge your mobile without a plug. It would be best if you had a laptop with a battery and a USB cable to connect it to one of the output ports of the computer itself. This alternative is very useful if you find yourself on the street or facing possible power outages in the office, home, or class.

By connecting the mobile to the laptop’s USB port, you will be able to charge it while the PC’s battery lasts. In this way, the phone will power by the laptop’s power. The big drawback of this charging method is the slowness: a smartphone takes much longer to charge this way because the USB ports of laptops are not designed to support high-speed charging.

Portable Solar Charger

To go one step further and charge your mobile phone wirelessly, a recommended alternative committed to renewable energy is the solar charger. This charger can charge only with the energy perceived by the sun.

This method is useful if you are outside on a very sunny day. You will have to extend the cells of the charger horizontally so that it charges by the sun and, later, set the mobile with this accumulated solar energy.

Power Bank or Portable Battery

Charge Mobile without Charger

Portable batteries are very useful because they store energy with which different electronic devices can charge. Therefore, it is a good alternative to charge mobile without electricity in blackouts.

Charge the portable battery every six months, even if you don’t use it. Power banks do not store energy forever, so they lose it little by little. To charge the mobile with this method, connect the USB cable to the output port of the portable battery. This cable usually builds into the power bank itself.

Crank Loader

Crank chargers are another option to discover regarding how to charge your mobile without a charger. These chargers can charge a phone battery thanks to the energy created by turning a crank. It is the slowest and most tiring method, but if you want to exercise and use the most ecological way possible, it is one more option to consider charging your mobile.

Backpack with Integrated Battery

Some backpacks have a built-in battery to charge the mobile without a plug or charger. In this way, you will not have to carry your charger with you, and you will be able to charge the mobile anywhere, thanks to this spare battery.

There are different types of backpacks with built-in batteries on the market. Consult a technology or mobile expert to find out which one best suits the characteristics of your cell phone.

Charge the Mobile with Hearing Aids

Technology advances by leaps and bounds and the ways to charge a mobile. If the previous methods have surprised you, the following will not be far behind: at present, there are hearing aids with which you can charge your mobile battery.

These state-of-the-art headphones will allow you to listen to music and charge your mobile wirelessly, that is, without any cable. How to set up a cell phone without a charger with headphones? To find out, you need to understand how it works.

These fast-charging headphones contain a hidden adapter with an integrated micro USB connector that allows you to charge your mobile wirelessly. Furthermore, these devices can also transfer data between the hearing aids and the phone.

Therefore, if you want to listen to music with great quality and at the same time have headphones capable of charging your mobile, you can purchase one of these devices.

Application to Charge the Battery without a Charger

Many applications promise to charge the mobile battery without charging, plugs or cables. To do this, they say they use different energies, such as that produced by the vibration of the mobile, its agitation or even Reiki.

Today, knowing how a mobile phone and its battery work, we know it is impossible to charge it with an application. For this reason, we recommend that you be wary of this type of application, although some of them can use to speed up the load promptly, such as when we are in a hurry.

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