Apps Consume More Data: Do you notice that you make extreme Use of mobile data and can’t make ends meet with the current rate? Many people still have data rates that are not unlimited, which can be a problem to get through the month with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30GB, which are the usual rates of the companies. The truth is that there are a large number of applications that consume too much data and are a problem to make ends meet with data. We will tell you the main ones in this article. And a trick to cut their Use in the background when you are not using them.

Facebook – Apps Consume More Data

This is the podium of podiums. The application that consumes the most data par excellence. It is very commonly used, but it is also quite dangerous for our data rate. On Facebook there is a lot of information, news, photos, videos… It is an atomic load of internet consumption due to the high percentage of content it has. If you notice that it consumes you too much, a very good option to replace the application is Facebook Lite, a much less heavy application that does not consume so much data in the background, it is also official, so it is the perfect substitute if you notice that in your mobile not working properly.


It also own by the parent company of Facebook, and also consumes an inordinate amount of data. Keep in mind that within Instagram there are very high-quality photos, as well as videos, reels, GIFS… It also works in the background and consumes a lot of resources. So it is highly recommended to deactivate this option in the background.

Netflix – Apps Consume More Data

It is one of the most expensive applications in terms of mobile data consumption. Its series and movies can consume between a range of 250MB and 3GB depending on the type of content that we are going to consume. Netflix is not recommended to use it with data unless we have an unlimited rate, or we use the download mode before leaving home.


Apps Consume More Data

It seems that listening to music does not consume anything or much, but yes. The famous music streaming service plays music at a high quality. And in the end, that quality has to downloade, so it will take up more space. The ideal is to download the music before leaving home with the Premium plan. Or, as a last option, lower the quality with which the music play from the settings menu of the application itself.

Trim Background Usage

It is possible to make those applications consume less data in the background. To do this, we will have to go to the Settings menu of our mobile, navigate to the Applications section. And once there, select the application by application that we want. Once inside, in Data usage (or some similar option, it depends on each mobile). We deselect the Use in the background option, so it will completely restrict notifications and data downloads when you are not using it.

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