Fastest Browsers – Looking for the most secured browser? It is not always easy to choose between one of the many on the Internet market. And it is that many options, functionalities or characteristics come into play that attracts certain users and drives away others. Among the wide range, most people are already familiar with the four main browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge. What prevails today is that the browser is fast, secure and does not consume too many resources.

Google Chrome: Always Ahead

It doesn’t fail. It is the number one most used browser in the world. He was born in 2008 and did not make much of an appearance. Until he surpassed everyone. Chrome is the fastest browser and has stable speed on light and heavy sites. According to Statcounter, Chrome leads the market with a 63.63% share, one of the most famous traffic analysis websites. There must be a reason.

The main problem is that it is one of the browsers that consumes the most resources, with RAM being one of the most affected. But do not worry at all about this. There are numerous tricks to control it. For example, foolproof tricks are closing many windows, consuming the most RAM, cleaning the browser cache, or deactivating Chrome in the background. The fight in Windows is between Chrome and Firefox. But in between, there is an intruder.

 The Surprise: Apple Safari

Fastest Browsers

Did you expect another in this position? Apple Safari is the second most secured browser globally, with a market share of 19.37%, behind Google Chrome. And it is necessary to income into an account that Apple follows behind its integrated Safari browser after the Windows ecosystem. It has a simple and intuitive appearance for those people used to the Apple ecosystem.

In addition, it has a series of advantages that other browsers such as Firefox or Chrome do not have. For example, battery consumption far exceeds any browser’s efficiency and uses the actual consumption for Mac, iPad or iPhone devices since the manufacturer has calculated it to the millimetre.

Mozilla Firefox: The Alternative

Secure and ad-free, Firefox is the second most famous and used browser globally. Firefox has always stood out for two concepts: security and privacy of those who use it. Out of the box, it comes equipped to repel malware, viruses, and spyware that are often automatically downloaded in any other browser. It also prevents pop-up ads thanks to Turbo Mode.

In addition, Firefox will never be short of add-ons because, just like Google Chrome, it has endless options to install the browser, customize it, or do whatever you want with it.

Microsoft Edge

Yes, the native Windows browser. It is one of the options that many use as it comes pre-installed with Windows. And it makes sense since its usability is good, and its privacy terms leave no room for doubt. Edge also comes equipped with AdBlock plus, which will prevent you from being assaulted by pop-up ads while browsing.

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