Tom Brady Trade

Rumours have surrounded the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during 2022. It would start with Tom Brady being reticent, only to derive back 40 days later. His return would spark rumours of a trade by the Bucs with the Miami Dolphins for the seven-time Wonderful Bowl champion.

However, that trade never occurred and won’t happen. Brady brings too numerous things to Tampa Bay for them to refer him to Miami. But something else happened, leading people to believe in Tampa Bay’s commitment to Brady.

The Buccaneers Never Helped From A Potential Tom Brady Trade

The Buccaneers did not rush to type a move for a quarterback once Brady retired. Instead, they likely held out hope he would change his mind. If he never did, they could have recruited someone or pursued the likes of Baker Mayfield or Jimmy Garoppolo.

The point now is that the franchise is not interested in rebuilding—they want to chase at least one more Super Bowl with Brady leading the way. So a fight must remain made that the quarterback could have forced his way out. In that scenario, a trade would make brand sense for the Buccaneers. However, he would have remained stuck, and the two sides could have worked something out for 2022.

The Buccaneers already know they might lose Brady for nothing in 2023. So again, they are all-in to win a Super Bowl this year and will worry about the consequences later. This method of running a permit is why the trade rumours always seemed a bit off.

If they wanted to get draft capital, they could have put the quarterback on the trade block and let him pick his destination. But instead, they realize they have won the lottery and are holding on to Brady with a tight grip. Down him would have ensured the end of a Super Bowl pursuit this season.

Ultimately, the Brian Flores lawsuit ended this potentially dramatic situation. First, the Dolphins hired Mike McDaniel, then Tua Tagovailoa remains under centre. Yet even if the case never happened, everyone seems to be forgetting that the Buccaneers were always a significant part of this equation.

Bruce Arians Moves Away From CoachingBruce Arians Moves Away From Coaching

One rumour behind Brady’s retirement was his feud with head coach Bruce Arians. While the two denied a rivalry existed, Arians have called out his quarterback in press conferences. However, Brady cast off what Arians said to fuel a Super Bowl run through the team during his first season in Tampa Bay.

But it would be those press sessions of Arians that fuel rumours of disdain between himself and Brady. It would also spark rumours Brady forced him into his new front office job with the Buccaneers. If true, that would demonstrate the Buccaneers were never trading Brady but only willing to work with him and his demands. However, he will develop a free agent in 2023, fueling yet another rumour.

Is Brady Leaving To Play For Miami In 2023?

While the Bucs aren’t exchanging their Super Bowl quarterback to the Dolphins, his agreement dies in 2023. He could go to Miami poor of a contract postponement from Tampa Bay. A lack of a contract proposal to Brady varieties people trust he will sign with Miami next year.

Though, he will be 46 when the 2023 period starts. His age could be why the Buccaneers haven’t offered him a contract extension. But Brady is similar to a glass of fine wine. He keeps getting better with time. He’s even diverted the idea of playing until he’s 50.

With him trusting in himself at that age, it’s hard to see why the Bucs wouldn’t as well. That leads people to think he will go to Miami when the Bucs don’t offer him a contract extension this season. However, there’s unity last thing that fueled the rumours of Brady to Miami

Who is Dale Arnold?

A veteran Boston sports reporter and newscaster who covered Brady during his 20 seasons with the New England Patriots. Arnold appeared on WEEI’s Merloni and Fauria, expounding on the rumour. As Merloni and Fauria point out, Arnold remained the first to report on Brady ratification with the Buccaneers two years ago.

Brady will remain 45 this August and is coming off a season with the Buccaneers, in which he ranked first in the league in passing yards (5,316) and passing touchdowns (43). Brady to the Dolphins rumours has been met with scepticism online.

Tom Brady Has Won More Super Bowls

Arizona Cardinals

Established in 1920 as the Chicago Cardinals, but in a century of existence have only one title, which they claimed back in 1947. As for the Super Bowl, the Cardinals have never won one and can claim only one appearance, which was a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2008.

Atlanta Falcons

Established in 1966, the Falcons have appeared in two Super Bowls but came up short on both occasions, falling to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXXIII, 34-19. before losing to the New England Loyalists in Super Bowl LI, 34-28, in overtime.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills, who remained established in 1960, have won two AFL titles but no SuperBowls, despite appearing in four. Incredibly, the Bills made it to four-consecutive Supers Bowls, from 1990-1993, losing to New York Giants (20-19), the Washington Redskins (37-24), and the Dallas Cowboys twice, 52-17 and 30-13.

Carolina Panthers

Established in 1995, the Panthers have appeared in two Super Bowls, losing to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVIII, 32-29, before falling to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50, 24-10.


Tom Brady shocked the entire NFL world by ending his retirement after 40 days and returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Rumours about an off-season trade sending Tom Brady to the Miami Dolphins won’t go away.

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