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Target Computer Desk

Target Computer Desk

Target Computer Desk

After necessary the Configuration, the Configuration has to remain deployed in the target client workplaces. The target client workstations have to be distinct for the arrangements individually. Defining the targets  includes selecting various types of targets given below:

Although, The targets must remain defined to deploy the Configuration in the network machines. When you add a shape or collection of designs, you will find a step for Defining Targets. Also, This section explains how to define the target for a structure or assemblage of configurations. To determine the targets for deploying the Configuration or collection, the targets must be added to the Target List. Also, A target can be added, detached or modified in the Target List.

Selecting Targets from a Domain

Although, To add target computers and users from an Active Directory-based domain, follow the steps below:

Target Computer Desk

Targets from a Workgroup

To add target computers and operators from a workgroup, follow the steps below:

Although, Choice a workgroup from the list.

Targets in Remote Offices

To add target processors and users from remote offices, follow the steps below:

Although, In the Target 1 tab, choose a Remote Office from the list.

Target Computer Desk

After adding the target computers, you can specify the sifting criteria to exclude certain types of users/CPUs from applying the Configuration. Also, Specify the requirements as required.

Although, Click Add More Targets and recurrence steps 1 to 3 for adding more targets. Target Computer Desk

Filter The Selected Target – Target Computer Desk

You can exclude certain network parts that do not require the Configuration to be deployed. It is optional when essential to the targets. Also, Endpoint Central delivers the option to exclude the features of the Windows network. Select the Reject Target check box to view the available options:

Exclude if Target Type is

Although, The target types can be excluded by choosing the target in the Select the target type and defining the field. Also, The target types in the lower hierarchy can be excluded from the desired target, meaning select the required domain/remote office.

Define the required targets and then describe the exclusions. The target type can be excluded from consuming the Browse button. Also,Click the Browse button next to the obligatory targettypesunder the Exclude if Target Type field to launch the Network Browser window. Target Computer Desk

Although, Select the target type to be excepted for configuration deployment and click the Select button. Also, This field is mandatory. The target type can remain any of the following (varies based on the target options selected):

Also, Branch – The branch workplaces to be excluded

Domain – The domains to remain excluded

Also, Organization Part – The OUs to stay excluded

Also, Group – The sets to be excluded

Computer – The computers to remain excluded

Also, IP Address – The IP Addresses to stand excluded

Also, IP Range – The variety of IP Addresses to remain excluded

Custom Group – The custom collections to remain excluded. Target Computer Desk

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