Precio Del Dólar Hoy En México 2022

The fee of the greenback nowadays in Mexico this Tuesday, November 7, is valued at 17,530 pesos, as posted through the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF). In the Bank of Mexico, the greenback price is 17,533 pesos on the market after yesterday’s close.

How is the behavior of the dollar today?

The Mexican currency woke up trading around 17.48 pesos per dollar, with the exchange rate touching a maximum of 17.5653 and a minimum of 17.4525 pesos per dollar. The DOF marks 17.40 pesos per one dollar.

Currency depreciation is an economic phenomenon that describes the decrease in value of a currency compared to other foreign currencies.

This process can be the result of various factors, such as higher inflation in the country in question compared to its trading partners, a decrease in investor confidence towards that currency or even political and economic decisions.

How do you buy the dollar today, Tuesday, December 5, 2023?

  • Affirm: $16.50
  • Azteca Bank: $16.85
  • BBVA: $16.58
  • Citibanamex: $16.88
  • Banorte: $16.35

How Many Tons Is The Dollar In Mexico These Days, November 7?

Thus, the charge of the greenback today in Mexico, Tuesday, November 7, 2023, has a valuation of 17,530 Mexican pesos, consistent with the Official Gazette of the Federation.

This Tuesday, November 7, the average trade for the day is as follows:

One greenback = 17,432 Mexican pesos

Price of the greenback for purchase and sale in Mexico on November 7

Comparison of dollar charges in banks and Mexican authorities entities published till Monday, November 6.

Affirm/purchase at 16.50 pesos and sell at 18.00 pesos.

Intercam / buys at 17.03 pesos and sells at 18.04 pesos.

BBVA Bancomer / buys at 16.Ninety pesos and sells at 17.80 pesos.

Citibanamex / buys at 16.94 pesos and trades at 17.Ninety-six pesos.How Many Tons Is The Dollar In Mexico These Days, November 7?

What Is Foreign Money Depreciation

The means of depreciation in step with the RAE is the following: Decrease inside the fee or rate of something, both when it comes to what it formerly had or via evaluating it with different items. This being the case, depreciation is when a currency loses its fee, determined by using the market and proven via the monetary authority below a floating trade rate scheme.

Mexico: the peso appreciates in opposition to the dollar. What does it imply?

The peso has remained preferred in recent weeks and has a total impact on the pockets of the country’s inhabitants. Now, the dollar has lost buying price and is consequently enough to shop for fewer and less merchandise or pay for a service, for instance. Not long ago, one greenback turned into the equivalent of 22 Mexican pesos.

Precio del dólar hoy 6 de julio de 2022

Bloomberg information shows that the exchange rate is 20.76 Mexican Pesos per US Dollar. This Wednesday, and most of the past week, the dollar does well within a firming condition. Bloomberg data shows that the US currency gains 1.14% and an exchange rate of 20.76 pesos to a dollar.

The dollar goes for 21.30 pesos at the bank window, according to data released by Citibanamex.

At the same time, the dollar index (DXY), i. e., a weighted average of currency price of the US dollar concerning six major foreign currencies, shows 107, 04 integer, up 0. 46 %.

On the other hand, the Bloomberg dollar index (body) records a gain of only 0.19 percent at 1,279.43 points.Precio del dólar hoy 6 de julio de 2022

“Through a technical aspect, the 20.70 level is a significant resistance that remained observed in the middle of June, and if broken strongly, then the exchange rate goes to a psychological level of 21 pesos per dollar in a short period. Depreciation of the Mexican peso happens due to more substantial.

The yield for the 10-year Treasury note rate decreased by 0.047 basis points to reach 2.77% in the money market of America. Mexico had a negligible decrease of 0.001 basis point on its ten-year M bond, which stood at 9.18%.

Bx+ said, “The MBONOS curve adjusted downwards with a flattening trend, but thanks to the sharp fall in global bond rates. The MBONOS remain expected to remain traded close to today’s level until we learn about the FEDs at 1 pm.

​​¿Cuál Es El Precio Del Dólar Hoy 23 De Diciembre De 2022 En Bancos De México?

As per the Official Gazette of the Federation report this December 23, 2022, the price of the Mexican peso starts at the exchange level of 19.574000 pesos, so we tell you what the exchange rate in banks in

Mexico’s peso rises for the fourth day after local inflation gains pace, raising hopes of more policy tightening by the central bank.

The price of the dollar today, December 23, 2022, in Mexican banks begins the day like this: in Banorte, the rate is 18.35 pesos per purchase and 19.75 per sell, while in BBVA México, it is 18.77 pesos per purchase and 19.67 pesos per sell—the sale.​​¿Cuál Es El Precio Del Dólar Hoy 23 De Diciembre De 2022 En Bancos De México?

However, according to the report by Reuters, the peso price was trading at 19.5813 against the dollar on Thursday and fell to 19.4270 pesos compared to the previous day. Thereby, it increased to 0.5. The peso has gathered one point seven three percent over the week.

How Much Is It Trading At On Friday, November 24, 2023

The US greenback is buying and selling this Friday, November 24, 2023, at 17.17 Mexican pesos in keeping with inexperienced foreign money, registering a weekly depreciation of zero—16%.

The fall affirms the continuation line of the peso’s rise, which started in mid-2022 and remained boosted in 2023. This week, it penetrated the barrier of 17 and moved closer to that of 16.How Much Is It Trading At On Friday, November 24, 2023

As for the banks of Mexico, the values ​​for the acquisition and sale of USD are as follows:

Affirm: 16:10 pesos (for purchase) and 17:60 pesos (for sale)

Banco Azteca: Pesos 16.60 (buying); Pesos 17.Seventy one (selling)

Banorte: The purchase price was $sixten.00 pesos, while the sale price was $17.Forty pesos.

BBVA: Purchase – sixteen pesos.25; sale – seventeen pesos and thirty nine

Citibanamex: Shp. 10 pesos; Spm. 17.55 pesos

Inbursa: Buy- $sixteen.Eighty pesos; Sale- $17.Eighty pesos

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