Mcloud Technology

M-cloud assists organizations in using artificial intelligence to enhance their ESG status by improving their energy-intensive equipment’s efficiency, sustainability, and productivity. Their clientele includes Bank of America, Michaels, and Ida Mitsu. As businesses become more ESG-focused, mcloud is existence used as an esg solution.

Every operating company in Canada, the United States, Australia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East are looking at tracking assets with an ESG reporting optimization mandate in mind. Governments are also promoting ESG agendas, prompted by technological advancements, safety, and environmental stewardship in Alberta’s oil and gas industry. M cloud has moved its headquarters to Calgary, with about 100 employees in Alberta.

What Energy Issue Is Mcloud Addressing?What Energy Issue Is Mcloud Addressing_ (1)

Although, Stated a secure and I-powered asset-management system. We can leverage asset care to assist businesses in using AI to tackle some of the world’s most challenging energy concerns. Also, They are constantly ecstatic that we have AI with a purpose, and there are several changes here where we have energy assets.

HVAC units, wind turbines, and distribution transformers can apply AI to maximize the performance of these assets, allowing them to last longer and operate at a lower cost simply by using data. Also, The fundamental value proposition for asset care is its ability to go out. And assist consumers in using data and AI to boost the performance of their assets to new heights.

AssetCare simplifies complexity.

Outstanding Performance

AssetCare improves your assets’ health, performance, and efficiency by using technologies used in the world’s most demanding sectors.

Directly To The Point

There are no upfront fees, hidden expenses, one transparent pricing per linked asset, and measurable continual performance increases.

Promoting Optimum Action

Asset management encompasses all aspects of asset management. Also, From operations to optimization to maintenance, allowing you to get the most out of your assets.

Total Industrial Automation Services

Although, mCloud provides high-quality electrical, instrumentation, automation, and information system services to customers in the process sector. They commonly collaborate with and integrate into interdisciplinary project teams to ensure their clients’ seamless execution.

Lifecycle of a Control System

A broad range of industrial automation project lifecycle services, from feasibility through thorough engineering. Also, And commissioning to continuing site technical support. Your one-stop-shop for your control system’s whole lifecycle.

Management of Projects and Programs

Although, They remain dedicated to providing project and support services that are high-value, cost-effective, and timely. Those who follow PMI standards and provide. Also, They technical teams with the resources they need to drive ongoing project development and delivery. They offer a comprehensive set of management services to ensure consistent project outputs on every assignment.


Although, McCloud Technologies Corp provides asset management solutions. The company offers artificial intelligence-based prescriptive maintenance, smart energy savings. And performance-optimized solutions for wind turbines, transformers, oil and gas equipment, and HVAC products. Also, mCloud Technologies has customers all around the world.

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