Backup Whatsapp On iPhone

If you came here because you had a similar question, this is the final tutorial you will read regarding WhatsApp backup.

Most frequent WhatsApp users already know how the software allows us to back up our data to iCloud. Unfortunately, there are situations when people do not want to use this option. For example, you may run out of iCloud storage capacity or have security concerns. The good news is that there are various alternatives to iCloud for backing up WhatsApp.

Method 1: WhatsApp Backup from iPhone WhatsApp TransferMethod 1: WhatsApp Backup from iPhone WhatsApp Transfer

If you want a simple one-click way to backup WhatsApp without iCloud, you should use MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer. It supports backup and restoration for various applications, including WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Kik, and Viber.

Not only that, but the software can instantly move your WhatsApp data from one device to another (even between iOS and Android). As a result, you can effortlessly swap devices using Mobile Trans – WhatsApp Transfer without losing your social data.

  1. Open MobileTrans and navigate to its main page’s “Backup&Restore” section. Also, be confident that your iPhone is linked to the system using an official wire.
  2. To get started, click “WhatsApp.” Other alternatives can remain found here.
  3. The programme will automatically begin collecting thorough backups of all WhatsApp messages and material. Wait a few moments and keep your phone connected until the procedure finishes.
  4. Finally, you will remain told when the complete backup has remained stored on the system. If you like, you can also access the backup material from here.
  5. Similarly, by connecting the backup device to the system and seeing the backup material, you may restore the backup to any device. Choose the data you want to preserve and export to the appropriate format or convert it to the device.

Method 2: Using Itunes, Backup Whatsapp From Your iPhone.

When we want to backup WhatsApp without iCloud, the first thing that springs to mind is iTunes. iTunes, like iCloud, is a native solution Apple provides for managing our iOS devices. You may use it to backup your complete device and afterwards restore it.

Although the solution is free, it requires a backup of the entire phone memory, including WhatsApp. The tie-up would later remain restored, wiping out the phone’s existing info. As a result, you would only use this method when resetting your device.

  • Use a functional lightning connection to connect your iPhone to your computer (Mac/Windows). Launch an updated version of iTunes and allow it to recognise your device.
  • Once your iPhone has remained discovered, navigate to the Summary page. Next, under the Backups tab, click the “Back Up Now” button and ensure you’re backing up to “This Computer.”
  • Wait as iTunes saves your device’s backup, including your WhatsApp messages and attachments. You may then repeat the process and opt to restore the backup to your iOS device instead.


  • No-cost solution
  • Backups remain kept on the local computer.


  • It backs up the entire device.
  • While restoring the backup, the existing data on the iPhone will remain erased.
  • There is no option to recover or preview WhatsApp data selectively.
  • Issues with compatibility when restoring to various iOS versions.

Method 3: Use the Email Chat Feature to Backup WhatsApp on iPhone. Method 3: Use the Email Chat Feature to Backup WhatsApp on iPhone.

If you have a few discussions to back up, you may also email them to yourself. It is possible because of WhatsApp’s inbuilt functionality, which allows us to send conversations to any contact. You may also choose whether or not to include attachments in the backup email.

It would not restore your WhatsApp chats to your smartphone in an ideal world. However, it will ensure that you have a backup of your critical talks preserved on your email at all times. Here’s how you use the email chat function to backup WhatsApp without using iCloud.

  1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and navigate to the conversation (individual or group) that you want to preserve.
  2. On WhatsApp, swipe the chat icon to reveal more choices, where you’ll discover the “Email Chat” tool. You may also hit the chat icon, enter its information, and pick “Email Chat.”
  3. You will be given a choice to add or exclude conversation attachments. Because most email servers have a 20 MB restriction, it is best not to attach essential media files.
  4. It will then prompt you to choose an email app. A draught window would be launched, with your WhatsApp chats immediately attached as a TXT file. You may now send this email to yourself or anybody else.


  • It is free and will save a backup on your email server.


  • It is challenging to understand and will not recover your WhatsApp chats.
  • Generally, media files cannot remain included in backups.
  • Multiple backup discussions are tedious.


Why isn’t WhatsApp backing up my iPhone? You must have at least 2.05 times the amount of space available in your iCloud account as the size of your backup. Most frequent WhatsApp users already know how the software allows us to back up our data to iCloud.