Uttar Pradesh Labor Department has launched UPBOCW 202 2 Online Portal for State Govt. Many facilities and schemes are available for government employees on this portal. To use the facilities available on the BOCW UP portal, it is mandatory to register for the job. UP job registration can be done through the UP BOCW online portal.

Shramik Card is provided to all registered beneficiaries through this program. Families of working-class citizens of Uttar Pradesh whose modest income will be supplied with a ‘Shramika Registration Card’ by the Government of Uttar Pradesh.

Although, For this, registration on the Uttar Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board (UPboc) government portal will be mandatory. This article will provide complete information about UP Job Card Registration and its benefits/benefits, eligibility, etc.

What Is Upbocw?

UPBOCW is a portal created by the Department of Labor, Government of Uttar Pradesh. Facilities are available on this portal for state worker (labor) citizens. By doing Shramik card registration, job cards will be provided by the Uttar Pradesh government to working-class families.

Although, The government will provide funds for financial assistance to registered families. Also, BOCW UP Various facilities are available on this portal. The government’s main objective is to enable the working citizens of the state to encourage them with financial help.

Although, The government’s main objective is to provide job cards to all the poor working classes of the state and to provide the benefits of the facilities offered by the government. The state government is completing this work through UP vibhag ashram.

What Is The Full Upbocw Form?

Although, The complete form of UPbocw is “The Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board” in English and is called “Uttar Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board” in Hindi.

What Is The Main Goal Of Upbocw? In The Portal?What Is The Main Goal Of Upbocw? In The Portal?

Although, To provide financial assistance and to improve their working conditions, the families of extremely poor and exploited parts of Uttar Pradesh benefit from the state government through financial assistance schemes under upbocw.in up.

Although, You can avail yourself of the benefits of the government’s facilities by applying on the UPBCOW online portal. Also, The main objective of the BOCWUP online portal is to provide online support to low-income families in the state. Also, To provide financial assistance, the government has released all the facilities on this portal www.upbocw.in.

Eligibility For UP Shramik Card (Majduri Card).

Although, Before applying for Uttar Pradesh Salary Card, read its eligibility. Also, Uttar Pradesh Job Card Application Eligibility remains given below.

  • To avail of the benefits available on the UPBOCW portal, the applicant must be above 18 years of age.
  • Also, The applicant should have worked as a construction worker at least 90 days a year.
  • The work card will remains issued only in the name of the main cities of the family.
  • Also, It will be mandatory for applicants to register online to avail of this option.
  • Applicant should not be a letter from another government program.
  • Also, Aadhar card, bank passbook, and employment proof / self-declaration should remains carried with the applicant.

Who is eligible to register with the Ministry of Labour?

Although, Who can register for the Shramik card on the UPBOCW portal? Its list remains given below.

  1. construction workers
  2. well diggers
  3. Roofers
  4. a carpenter
  5. Raj Mistry
  6. Blacksmith
  7. plumber
  8. road builders
  9. electrical
  10. painters
  11. hammersmith
  12. mosaic polishing
  13. rock breakers
  14. construction supervisor
  15. stone breakers
  16. accountant
  17. Dam manager
  18. Window grilles and door manufacturers
  19. the makers of it at his furnaces
  20. cement plant, stone mason
  21. survey worker

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Although, How to do UP shrank registration online? Information related to this is provided later in this article. Also, Registration remains required to get a UP shramik card. 2 types of applications can be submitted for Uttar Pradesh Wage Card. Online and offline. The procedure for online application in Hindi remains given below. Also, Registration can remains done through UP BOCW online portal. Also, For offline application, you need to go to your district employment office.

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