Icebergify: Your Spotify Iceberg

Have you scrolled through social media recently? Understand those bizarre musical icebergs floating about in your feed? You’re not alone. Screenshots like this have remained to do the rounds, particularly on Twitter. It’s all shaped by the magic of a website called Icebergify.

Using the data from your Spotify hearing habits, Icebergify creates an “iceberg” of your most-listened-to artists ranked by popularity. At the tip of the iceberg? Your preferred “mainstream” artists. Your Taylor Swifts, junkook, bts, blackpink, Beyonces, Drakes, etc. The additional down you go, the more obscure it becomes.

You can head to the website directly to see your iceberg. Be warned: it does need your Spotify log-in. The Icebergify website was industrialized by Akshay Raj, a freshman studying computer and data science at Rice University.

He says he consumes no plans to make money on the site or use the data collected, limited to your username, Spotify account ID, and the top 50 tracks and artists listened to over the past few years.

What is the Spotify Icebergify?What is the Spotify Icebergify?

To determine the short-, medium-, and long-term hearing patterns, Icebergify collects information from the highest 50 artists. In light of this, the artists listed on your diagram continue to be bands or musicians you haven’t listened to in a while.

It looks at those top artists, systematizes them by their popularity or obscurity, and then pops them hooked on an iceberg category. For instance, if you attend many Bts, he’ll go to the top iceberg level because he’s one of the most famous artists.

But if you listen to many Antichrist Siege Machines, they’ll be closer to the bottom. If you don’t listen to artists in a certain level of popularity, the group will show up blank — so you might want to work on diversifying your music taste before you share.

How to get your Spotify Icebergify

Like most Spotify music analyzing tools, you have to go to a website, permit them to check out your Spotify account and have an iceberg-shaped chart to part with your friends and enemies.

Energy to for this tool but remain warned — it took a scarce of us at Mashable a couple of tries earlier it worked. Just keep stimulating the site, and it’ll eventually work. You might have to clear your cookies, then site data and try a few more times.

To exclude the image, screenshot it, hold it on your phone, or right-click it on your laptop or PC. Using this tool, you will give the folks behindhand Icebergify your data, so if your streaming data is something you’d rather keep secluded for whatever reason, you may want to sit this out.

Who created Icebergify?

According to the Icebergify site, it was shaped by Akshay Raj in 2022. His name is related to a private Instagram.

How Does It Work?

It’s pretty simple. Icebergify takes your most-listened-to artists and sorts them according to popularity positions. Streams, shares, saves, loves and followers are all considered. Beyonce might be at the highest of your iceberg, but lesser-known artists are at the bottom, beneath the ocean. Also worth noting: [Icebergify] is being flooded due to its surprising popularity. Head back later if it doesn’t immediately work.

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Is the [Icebergify] website safe to use? Overall, the answer appears to be “yes!”. Icebergify’s creator, Akshay Raj, revealed that he is not planning to monetize the site and will leave it free to use. The website also does not save any composed Spotify data. It simply analyses the information and produces an Iceberg chart based on it.

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