The Youth Empowerment Summer Camp—or YES Camp as it’s usually called—is held each summer at Fontainebleau State Park in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, on the northern shore of Lake Pontchartrain. The park is situated on the outskirts of Mandeville, Louisiana.

They are a Christian Camp, and the goal is to provide a summer camp experience that is not only fun and exciting but also encourages the camper towards positive relationships. They feel it is essential that young people learn to treat each other with kindness and respect.

Camp Calendar

Summer Camp 2023

Staff Team Building

July 4 – 5

Teen Camp

July 5 – 8

Kids Camp

July 8 – July 12

Yessummercamp.Org HistoryYessummercamp.Org History

Youth Empowerment Summer Camp (YES) started in 1990 at Fontainebleau State Park on the shore of Lake Ponchartrain near Mandeville, Louisiana. Since of the damage sustained by the park during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the summer Camp moved to Chicot State Park between Lafayette and Alexandria in South Central Louisiana. In 2012, they moved back to the newly built group camp at Fontainbleau State Park.

YES, Camp is a non-profit organization. All of the staff are volunteers. Because of the influence camp has had on many of the lives of the campers, most of the team campers at one time. They can accept registrations for nearly 150 campers. The cost of running two camps each summer is prohibitive. Funding for the Camp has been provided through corporate grants, donations, sponsorships and registration fees.

Yessummercamp.Org Staff

The staff at YES Camp is loyal to providing a warm, safe environment where campers can make new friends, learn how to be overwhelmed obstacles, develop self-confidence and have a great time. They have approximately 60 staff members to meet each camper’s needs.

The carefully select a dedicated and skilled staff of adults, and university, college and high school students who are experienced in working with young people and are committed to Christian values. They have the highest integrity and individual and spiritual maturity. Medical and treatment care is always on hand. All staff members over the age of 17 undergo a criminal background check.

The camp director is Brandon J. Antwine, a former teacher in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System  (2009 – 2018). He now serves as Executive Director for Chick-fil-A and works to develop teams and leaders. He has helped in numerous volumes at Camp since 2002. His leadership skills and aptitude to connect with the youth greatly assets the Camp.

His vision is centred around building leaders that will impact tomorrow. With over two service periods, he is committed to continuing the mission God created through Camp in 1990.

The former director, Anthony Rice, is today the Facilities Supervisor. His structural skills, as well as his experience, remain a vital piece to the success of the Camp. Anthony Rice has been a pastor with Grace Unity International in Baton Rouge since 1990.

Regional Youth Ministries – Louisiana

Local Youth Ministries – Louisiana, which sponsors the Camp, is a ministry to teens and pre-teens living in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Alabama. Of course, they don’t limit their activities to youth from these states only. Anybody living in another state is welcome to join them. The main activities we sponsor during the year are two YES summer camps and several youth events in Baton Rouge and Lafayette, LA.

Yes Campers – Yessummercamp

  • Welcome campers and parents!!! They look forward to you joining them for another YES Summer Campsite in Mandeville, Louisiana.
  • Teen Camp is for children 12-17 years of age. Everything you will need to apply and prepare for Camp can be found on this page.
  • If you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact them.

How To Apply

  • Please complete the online application form to register your child for YES Summer Camp.
  • After applying, Payment Must Be Paid Online To Secure A Spot.
  • (Please note that Camp usually fills up before the deadline. So please don’t delay approving your application or payment)
  • Payment will not be accepted at Camp.

‘Say Yes’ Summer Camp Celebration

Nearly 700 “Say Yes to Education” summer camp students will demonstrate new skills and talents they have developed. And creativity they have unleashed throughout their “Say Yes” summer camp experiences that began in early July.

Say Yes On Friday, Aug 7, from 9 a.m.-2 p.m., presentations will be held throughout Thornden Park, including plays, mock elections, African drumming, art exhibits, dance performances, culinary activities, sports competitions and more.

In addition, “Say Yes” campers who participated in a “My Community” class at Van Duyn School will present the money they raised through a penny drive to help pay for a new playground for Van Duyn School after it was vandalized last month.

Campers from Elmwood School who participated in an entrepreneur class will set up a lemonade stand at the celebration to raise funds for the Van Duyn playground. Lies & Steigerwald will be on-site, offering food and drink for purchase. The public is invited to attend and should enter the park through the Beech St. entrance.

Cost Of Yessummercamp.Org

Registration And Camp Fee

$25 (with a scholarship)

$100 (without scholarship)

Scholarships Available

they offer scholarships to families who see one of the following criteria:

1)   Combined family salary of under $50,000 per year.

2)   Families who transfer more than one child to Camp.

Bus Transportation – they provide bus transportation from Baton Rouge and Lafayette to YES Camp. The bus transport to and from Camp is $10 in addition to the registration fee.

Please Note:

Although,The online application form Must Be Succumbed by July 19. Also, However, be aware that registering will close if the Camp fills up early.

If you miss the deadline, please email them at ( to see if there are still openings.

Contact Yessummercamp

Yes Camp Director

Brandon J. Antwine

(225) 244-8777 (Text Only)

Directors In Training

Kevin Foley  (901) 236-2026

Also, Ronnie Clayton (504) 373-9921

Also, Blake Bland  (662) 541-5016

Jaylon McCarley (901) 857-3038

Camp Office

Christi Bland


Regional Youth Ministries

P.O. Box 1425

Leesville, LA  71496

Camp Assistant Directors

Christi Bland


Ashley Todd


Amber Todd Stroble


Contact them During Camp

Call the following numbers to reach your son or daughter during summer camp. Also, these are Louisiana Camp office numbers at which senior staff may be reached at all times.




Anthony Rice

 Facilities Supervisor


Exciting Activities

Although, Youth Extreme Summer Camp comprises activities and games for specific age groups. Also, No one gets bored at Camp. Also, The program is fast-paced and filled with variety. Take a look below:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Also,Swimming
  • Also, Christian Living Class
  • Basketball
  • Also, Music
  • Water Sports
  • Teen Block Party
  • Also, And Much More!
  • Also, Volleyball

Although, All activities remain designed to meet the needs of the campers, keeping their emotional and physical well-being in mind. Also, every effort is complete to ensure your child has a fun yet harmless experience at Camp.

Camp Schedule

Teen Camp: July 26 – Friday, July 29, Tuesday.

Also, Pre-Teen Camp: Friday, Monday – July 29, Aug 1

Registration Opens: May 1, 2022

Also, Registration Deadline: July 19, 2022

Phones And Electronics

Cell Phone Policy

Because cell phones can develop a distraction from the Camp’s purpose, they ask that all campers (teens and pre-teens) get permission to use their cell phones at home. Also, If a parent wants to reach their son or daughter at Camp, call the Camp Office numbers listed below. Also, They appreciate your sympathy.

(662) 444-8505

(225) 354-5766

(901) 336-9696


Although, If a parent would feel more relaxed having their child bring a cell phone to Camp for safety reasons, your necessity give your authorization. Also, this authorization remains comprised of the Online Application form. They will require all campers to get permission from a senior staff before making a call. Yessummercamp.Org

Although, this requirement ensures that the campers call a parent or guardian. If a trailer abuses the policy, they will contact the parent or guardian to come to pick up the phone or allow us to keep the phone in a safe place until the end of Camp. Also, Thank you for being so cooperative on this policy. (Also, they cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items, including cell phones that are not under their care.)

Electronic Device Policy

They desire to limit the distractions that the campers might face while at Camp. Therefore, they ask that you leave all electronic devices at home. Also, if a trailer brings an electronic device, they will contact the parent or guardian to come to pick up the device or allow us to keep the device in a safe place until the end of Camp. (Also, they cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items, including electronic devices not under their care.) Yessummercamp.Org

Conclusion Of Yessummercamp

Although, Youth Empowerment Summer Camp (YES) began in 1990 at Fontainebleau State Park on the shore of Lake Ponchartrain near Mandeville, Louisiana. Also, they provide bus transportation from Baton Rouge and Lafayette to YES Camp. The bus transport to and from Camp is $10 in addition to the registration fee.

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