An Unknown Error Occurred 0xe80000a

Are you looking to solve this problem “iTunes Could Not Connect To This Iphone An Unknown Error Occurred 0xe80000a”? Then you’re at the right place. As we were going about its solving and why an Unknown Error Occurred ‘0xe80000a’ to iPhone.

It can be referred toa lot of reasons and here we reveal some of the main ones why you are getting “iTunes error code 0xE80000A” while connecting an iPhone to a Windows PC. For instance, it might be a fault of the iTunes application(bug), iPhone access permission corrupt, or even a worn-out lightning cable. The cable that goes with the iPad or iPod touch also can cause the same type of error.

When you see iTunes error “0xE80000a,” then it means that your computer does not communicate with Apple device probably because of some error and is accompanied by the following message “iTunes could not connect to the phone. A 0xe80000a Exception has been raised and the unknown error has occurred. It can remain caused by several factors, such as damaged USB cables or ports, malfunctioning iTunes processes, and more, which we will discuss later.

What causes ‘iTunes Could Not Connect to this Phone. An Unknown Error Occurred 0xe80000a’?What causes 'iTunes Could Not Connect to this Phone. An Unknown Error Occurred 0xe80000a'?

The error message’s causes can differ depending on the various scenarios. However, most often, it remains caused by the following reasons, there are

Damaged USB Port or cable: A damaged USB port or cable can reason your Apple device to be not appropriately connected to your computer and thus cause this error. So, ensure that the USB port or cable you are using is not damaged.

Incomplete installation of iTunes: Another cause of this error is a failed or partial install of iTunes on Windows. If the iTunes application hasn’t remained appropriately downloaded or the installation process has remained partially completed, then you will get this error.

Malfunctioning Processes: The error message can also remain generated due to the iTunes processes not functioning correctly on your system. This issue can remain rectified by stopping the troublesome processes and reconnecting your device.

Resolutions To Fix ‘iTunes Could Not Connect To This Phone. An Unknown Error Occurred 0xe80000a.’done Bhaiya Resolutions To Fix 'iTunes Could Not Connect To This Phone. An Unknown Error Occurred 0xe80000a.'

Solution 1: Update your iTunes, computer, and iOS to the latest version

The outdated iTunes, computer, and iOS may be incompatible. Therefore, the first thing you want to do when encountering iTunes 0xE80000A error is to check and update your iTunes, computer, and iOS to the latest version.

Update iTunes to the latest version

Launch iTunes on your computer > Click Help on the menu bar > Tap Check for Updates > If a new version is available, follow the prompt to update it.

Update your computer

Go to Settings on your computer > Choose Updates and Security > Tap Check for Updates to update your Windows to the latest version.

Update the version of iOS on your iPhone

Find the Settings app on your iPhone > Tap General > Software Update > Click Install Now if you can update iOS.

Solution 2: Reset The Lockdown Folder

Created by iTunes, the lockdown folder contains security certificates essential for iOS devices to communicate with the computer successfully. Chances are that the iTunes error 0xE80000A can be fixed by resetting the lockdown folder. Here is the reset process.

Step 1. Press both the Windows and R keys to open the Windows Run Box > Type %ProgramData% and click OK.

Step 2. Locate and double-click the Apple folder from the File Explorer screen that shows up > Right-click the Lockdown folder > Tap Rename to rename the folder to Lockdown. Old.

Solution 3: Uninstall And Reinstall Itunes

If all of these solutions did not work, the user could either uninstall iTunes in order to clear all corrupted files and then reinstall it on the computer.

For uninstalling iTunes, you go to your PC Setting > choose Apps and features > search for iTunes and click to uninstall it. So now you copy iTunes back on your computer from your disk.


In short, one of the above solutions should have triggered the iTunes 0xE80000A error disappearance and you should have no problems anymore after connecting your iPhone or iPad to iTunes for media purpose. In various cases when you are surfing the Internet through your PC with an operating system called Windows, iTunes will display message 0xE80000A once you connect your iPhone to PC.