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If you like to hear some music and enjoy the music video, this is the place for you. Tubidy can provide you with millions of songs from any genre. Also, the extensive collection of music videos and podcasts. And if you want to download the song you like, feel free because it is free.

Turn up your spirit by listening to some rock music. Or enjoy the soothing jazz music while relaxing. You can even sing along with your favourite singer—any song you can enjoy and entertain you. Or you were singing while watching the music video.

Do you want to make a music library or a playlist on your device? Download as many as you like from this app since there is no limit to how many songs you download. Start now and build your music library and collection.

What is Tubidy?What is Tubidy?

Tubidy is a platform where you can find and convert the song or music video you like for free. Then, you can easily listen to or download the converted file to your devices. After that, you can enjoy it offline.

Many people struggle to have the song they like from many music platforms. The main reason is that you have to pay for it. But no worries! With Tubidy, you can find the song you like and download it for free. Start your favourite song collection now.

This platform has songs from all singers worldwide, in many different genres and languages. Moreover, the latest themes that are currently in high demand by many listeners. Tubidy has it in their collection.

Not only that but also some podcasts, songs, or videos from your local music platform. You can easily copy the link and then paste that link to the search bar on the app. The converted file will be ready in a few minutes. Then you can download it for free to your device.


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Features in Tubidy

As a video conversion to an MP3 site, Tubidy is widely used by music lovers worldwide. This platform remains easily used on any device. Such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even old phones.

Then all your music downloads can remain stored directly on your devices. Moreover, you can stream many podcasts or videos with this platform. From many sources around the world, in many languages. Some features in this platform can remain used for user convenience. That way, the user can easily find the song they like and download it without difficulty. The features are as follows:

1. Search Bar

Located on the main page of this platform, you can easily use this search bar to search for the song you like. Type the song’s title or the singer, then press” Search.” Tubidy will find it for you. Then you can download the music if you like.

If you like to convert videos from other sources, paste the URL link to the search bar. Then this app will convert the video to the format of your choice. Then you can download it to your device.

Although, The good thing about the search bar is that it will give you a list of options for the song you are trying to find. Some pieces have the same title, even though a different singer or band sings another song. You can choose the one you are searching for from this list.

If you still have not found the song, try putting additional information in the search bar. Such as the song title and the name of the singer or the band. The list of options will change for you to find.

2. Top Video and Podcast

Although, Tubidy has this feature to help you search for any song or music clip currently in high demand on any music platform, such as YouTube. Moreover, it can find various trending music by typing a specific keyword into the search bar and even streaming podcasts.

Although,  Not only on YouTube but many music sources on other platforms. Such as SoundCloud, Facebook, TikTok, and many more. Even from the local authority in your country, with your local language. Try to copy the URL link of the clip you like from that other platform. So, you can use the copied link to paste to Tubidy’s search bar. That way, you can convert and download it later on.

3. Language Option

For your convenience, Tubidy provides you with a language option. That way, you can change the primary setting in English to your chosen language. Then you can use the platform more efficiently. There are many language alternatives you can select from.

4. Listen Without Download

Although, Sometimes you want to listen without downloading the song. Tubidy can provide for that too. You can listen to any music you like. Just type the song title in the search box. Then choose the one you want from the list of options given. Then select the Play button to listen.

Although, But this means that you listen to the song online. If you like the music, then you want to download it. Just click the Download button. Then you can enjoy that song offline anytime you want. Tubidy.Com Baixar Música

Even if you want to listen to it without downloading, you can find any song you like from the collection. Type the song title into the search bar and enjoy listening to it. There is no limit on how many pieces you want to listen to. So, you can listen to as many songs as you like.

5. Convert Music Video to MP3

Tubidy is easy to use. Including how to convert the music video you watched on other music platforms into MP3 files. Just follow these easy steps below:

  • Find your favourite music video on a music platform such as YouTube.
  • Copy the URL Link.
  • Go to Tubidy and enter the main page, where you will find the search box.
  • Paste the URL Link you copied on the search box. Then click “Search.”
  • Choose the video you want from the list of options that resulted from the search.
  • If you want to download it, choose the download button.
  • You will remain directed to the download page. There are options formats to choose from.
  • The format can be MP3 as an audio file or MP4 as a video file.
  • Then choose the size of the file you like. MP3 file sizes are from 64kbps up to 320kbps.
  • Wait until the conversion process remains finished. Then you can download the file.
  • When the download remains finished, you can enjoy the video you like on your device. Tubidy.Com Baixar Música.

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Does Tubidy Provide Lyrics? When the song is not instrumental, lyrics remain usually made available for you to sing along to. Even though most of the poetry is in English, some popular songs are also available in their native language. Tubidy.Com Baixar Música

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