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Telemarketing directly markets goods or services to potential customers via telephone, internet, or fax. The Telemarketing may either remain carried out by telemarketers or, increasingly, by automatic telephone calls or “robocalls.”

The intrusive nature of telemarketing and reports of fraud perpetrated over the telephone have urged a growing backlash compared to this direct marketing practice. Telemarketing may also be mentioned as “telesales” or “inside sales.”

  • Telemarketing directly markets goods or services to potential clientele over the telephone or the internet.
  • Four common kinds of telemarketing comprise outbound calls, inbound calls, lead generation, and sales calls.
  • Due to the intrusive nature of telemarketing, counting spam calls, many customers are against it.
  • Countries like the U.S. and Canada take federal “Do Not Call” lists where individuals can register phone numbers to avoid telemarketing calls.


  • Articles must be at least 1000 words in length and may include up to 2 non-promotional links
  • Posts must be well-written and grammatically correct
  • Images are not required but preferred (attribution needed if necessary)
  • Include a short author bio (10-20 words) with one link and author image
  • Articles on generic digital marketing topics (e.g., top SEO strategies, types of content for your blog, best lead generation tactics for 2023, etc.) not specific to our audience’s interests will not be accepted
  • Content can’t remain republished.
  • No promotional content, please

Benefits of writing on

When you write on, you can reach your target audience/customers, be an reader, and get massive exposure.

  • Although, you can get one backlink to your website. Also, you know, the backlink shares your SEO worth.
  • You can also build a relationship with your customers/target groups.
  • You can use both categories, e.g., B. Address marketing and business individually or together.

We are also available on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to share your guest post on all social media platforms. When you write for, your brand’s authority and content remain known worldwide.

We also added a category called Entertainment. Also, Any blogger or writer who wants to post an article in the Entertainment category should send us your content at

How to Submit Your Guest Post?

To submit a post to, email us your article at team will review the final draft and get back to you if there are any further revisions. If approved by our team, we will schedule your post for publishing. After publishing the article, the live link will be sent to you.

Tech and Business News are open to suggestions, ideas, or inquiries. Also, never hesitate to email to us if you are facing any difficulties. Also, team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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