Splatter Ball Gun

Complete Auto Water Gel Blaster Action11 rounds per second fully auto fire rate. The rechargeable battery sends ammo 210 fps downrange—1,200 water gel rounds, zero re-loads 1,200 water gel ball drum magazine capacity. Load your mag and shoot 1,200 water bead rounds!

Complete Water Gel Blaster KitKat includes Water bead gel blaster, 1,200 round water gel drum magazines, 6,000 water ball Splat R Ball ammunition, security glasses, Splat R ball collapsible, easy lading funnel, Rechargeable 7.4V 1800mAh battery with indicting cable, and SplatRBall water ball triggered target! Splatter Ball Gun

About Splatter Ball GunAbout Splatter Ball Gun

Water Gel Ball Blaster: The water ball drop ammo hydrates in 4 hours and fragments on impact. They remain non-toxic, non-staining and can be rehydrated. Easy clean-up! Powered by a 7.4V rechargeable battery – 5000 shots per battery charge.

High-Performance Water Gel Ball Blaster: Splat R Ball is everything in your path at up to 11 Splat Balls per additional with Splat Ball Electric Gel Water Bead Blaster SRB1200. Up to 210 feet apiece second!

LED Water Gel Ball Blaster: United blue LED light-up bar on both sides of the water gel ball blaster. It gives a futuristic look to it! Commonly only seen in high-end custom water gel blasters!

We designed it to Last: Full-size splatter ball gun, durable synthetic design, high-quality ABS and Nylon composite body.

Age Range: 14 years +

Color: White / Orange

Style: Water Bead Blaster

Theme: Sports

Material: ABS and Nylon composite

Full Auto River Gel Ball Bead Blaster Kit – Splatter Ball Gun

SplatRBall is everything in your path with the completely automatic Splat R Ball SRB1200 water gel ball blaster, which sprouts up to 11 rounds per additional and holds 1,200 rounds of ammo in the round drum fortnightly! The SplatRBall SRB1200 Full Auto Aquatic Bead Gel Ball Blaster sprouts up to 210 feet per second (fps).

And the easy load drum fortnightly holds 1,200 7.5mm SplatRBall water ball drop gel ammo. Soft SplatRBall gel ammo wreckages on impact for easy clean-up and will not stain. This kit contains one aquatic gel ball Blaster, 1,200-round water ball drum magazine, detachable stock, and 6,000-rounds Certified SplatRBall bead gel ball ammo.

Rechargeable 7.4V 1800mAh battery with accusing cable (up to 5,000 shots per charge), Splat R Ball collapsible funnel for quick loading, safety spectacles and on water-activated target. Always use certified SplatRBall waterbed gel ammo. Other brands of water ammo power damage your blaster.

Accessories Packet IncludeAccessories Packet Include

1,200 Water Gel Ball Round Drum Magazine

The SRB1200 originates with a drum magazine with 1,200 round water bead capacity for extra fun. Usual it in Full Auto mode and start the fun! Since you’re interested, you may also read this article: Techbigs 

6,000 Water Gel Ball Rounds

The SplatRBall SRB1200 originates with 6,000 7.5 mm certified water gel ball rounds, compatible with the SplatRBall Full Auto Water Drop Blaster Kit. Also, SplatRBall water gel ammunition hydrates in 4 hours and fragments on impact. It can remain rehydrated and won’t stain surfaces. Also, Non-Toxic. Always use certified aquatic bead ball SplatRBall ammunition. Other brands of ammunition might damage your blaster.

Water Gel Ball Activated Target

Although, this kit includes a water gel ball-activated target. When the water balls impact the target, marks show up on it so you can see how accurate you are! Also, Since you’re interested, you may also read this article: cigarbid

7.4V 1800 mAh Rechargeable Battery

Although, A high-capacity battery provides up to 5,000 shots per battery charge, with a 4-hour charging time. Also, the battery remains included in the kit and provides hours of fun with your water ball gel blaster!

Foldable Funnel for Easy Ammo Loading

Although, Have the funnel available for quick loading! Also, Place it on the magazine opening and decant your water gel ball beads. Also, Finish the horn to load your drum mag!

High-quality Protective Eyewear for water bead fun!

Although,The Splat R Ball SRB1200 comprises protective eyewear. Always wear it when using the water ball gel blaster! Also, they remain adjustable on the side (you can move the legs up or down to accommodate your face shape). Also, they have rubber stuffing on the bridge for maximum comfort.

Conclusion Of Splatter Ball Gun

Do splatter ball guns hurt? So, the query remain: does getting hit with gel ball blasters hurt? Also, Like any projectile, these gel balls can bite upon impact–but only slightly. Users have noted that they texture like a rubber band breaking on the skin more than anything.

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