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Shopfirstlinebenefits Com – FirstLine Benefits is powered by OptumRx and United Health Group. The company offers health solutions such as OTC, grocery benefits, and Ready Sets. FirstLine Benefits offers four products within the OTC and grocery categories for health plans, with particular benefits available only for specific programs.

It keeps everything you want to shop for in one place. In it, you’ll find facts about your benefit, balance information, an online store, and tools that make shopping easier. A simple onboarding procedure walks you through concluded setup, so you can fast register your account and use your benefit.

What is FirstLine Benefits?What is FirstLine Benefits?

They offer a selection of OTC Solutions that will rigidity their member’s credits, which they can use to purchase home medical products, over the counter (OTC) medications, and personal care products.

FirstLine Medical P.O. Box 268630 Weston, FL 33326-9866 The UnitedHealthcare® Welcome Guide will include a Health Products Benefits order form. FirstLine Benefits is a free app for Android published in the Health & Nutrition list of apps, part of Home & Hobby.

What is Shopfirstlinebenefits?

The company has a new website called, allowing eligible members to order OTC products online. This program will enable you to collect over-the-counter products online if you are part of a plan that proposes this benefit.

The selection of OTC solutions is as follows:

  • Health Products Card
  • Over-The-Counter Essentials
  • Health Products Benefit

NOTE: the names of the new programs are:

FirstLine Essentials

  • 250+ Products to Select From
  • Annual Catalog
  • Order by Mail, On the Website, or through the Mobile App

The FirstLine Select

  • Offers all of the above pluses:
  • Annual Credit Expiration Option
  • Regular Member Updates

FirstLine Essentials+

  • Offers all of the above pluses:
  • Expansive Retail Network
  • Program Card
  • App with In-Store Product Scanning

How Do I Create An Account?How Do I Create An Account?

You will remain prompted to create an account after you open the app. During this process, you will remain asked to provide an email address, health insurance member I.D. number, last name, date of birth, and phone number. You will also create a username and password at this time. Make sure you keep this information in a secure location.

What happens if I can’t create a new account?

Your health insurance plan may not include an Optum Personal Care Benefits program. If you believe this is a mistake, contact the customer support team at: or your insurance company using the number on the back of your member I.D.

Importance Of Using Firstline Medical Services:

  • First, your company’s branding will remain in all sales materials and member communications.
  • Having a good Health Products Benefit establishes rewarding and reliable holding results for health plans that they remain added onto.
  • Personal care products are CMS-compliant and have no cost to the members.

More reasons why to use their services:

  • FirstLine will handle your credits and communications to form an efficient member experience.
  • Reporting and Metrics remain available
  • FirstLine Medical will remain to supply you with a vast array of products.


Designed for members of the FirstLine™ benefits through their health plan, employer, or another group. You must be entitled to register your FirstLine Benefits account, and the FirstLine Benefits app makes it informal to use and manage your benefits.