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Rescale, a leader in high-performance computing and the leading HPC-as-a-Service platform has partnered with Nvidia to accelerate research and development of rescale series 100M wiggers VentureBeat.

Although, Rescale enables customers to path jobs on public clouds like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, IBM, and Oracle. The Rescale provides on-demand and long-term environments and valuing structures, allowing clientele to launch single batch jobs, advanced optimization jobs, and then large designs of experiments.

Who Owns Rescale?Who Owns Rescale?

Rescale remained cofounded in 2011 by Joris Poort and Adam McKenzie, previous aerospace engineers at Boeing who leveraged AI techniques to improve the 787’s wing structure. Also, At the University of Michigan, though studying mechanical engineering and mathematics, Poort had an opportunity to work on an aerospace project, which soon became his passion.

Although, After graduating magna cum laude in mechanical engineering and math at the University of Michigan. He graduated magna cum laude in astronautics and astronautics at the University of Washington.

At Boeing, Poort’s and McKenzie’s experience building an HPC simulation environment informed Rescale’s business model: an infrastructure- and software-as-a-service hybrid cloud infrastructure platform tailored for HPC, specifically the R&D and IT community.

Rescale Series 100m Wiggersventurebeat

“Industries like aerospace, jet propulsion, and supersonic flight require massive computer simulations based on AI and particular hardware configurations. Historically the science community has run these workloads on on-premises data centres that they directly built and maintain,” a spokesperson told VentureBeat via email.

Although, “Rescale was founded to bring HPC workloads to the cloud to lower costs, accelerate R&D innovation, and power faster computer simulations. Also, And allow the science and research community to take advantage of the latest specialized architectures for machine learning and artificial intelligence without massive capital investments in bespoke new data centres.”

Although, “Rescale is the first HPC cloud platform created specifically for digital R&D empowering the research scientists and engineers building the future,” Accounting to

Rescale Closes $105 Million in Expanded Series CRescale Closes $105 Million in Expanded Series C

Rescale’s announcement follows a dramatic acceleration in customer demand, investor interest, and market momentum, bringing the company’s total funding to over $155 million, with over 200 enterprise customers and year-over-year sales growth of over 2x in 2021.

Rescale has around 400 customers, which might not sound like much compared to the large public clouds. However, remember, they are not in the business of providing the hardware, which means they can scale along with demand without investing in new data centres or colo facilities.

Additional Investors: Sam Altman, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Peter Thiel, Fort Ross Ventures, Gaingels, Gopher, Paul Graham, Hitachi Ventures, Initialized Capital, Keen Venture Partners, Prometheus Capital, Microsoft M12, Nautilus Venture Partners, NVIDIA, Republic Labs, Samsung Catalyst Fund, Solasta Ventures, and Yield Capital Partners

What Rescale’s $105m Funding Round Says About Hpc CloudWhat Rescale’s $105m Funding Round Says About Hpc Cloud

When the company started in 2011, enterprises were getting a handle on bursting to the cloud for excess capacity and. In some cases, moving all operations off-prem. Cloud was the buzzword with plenty of emerging use cases to back its legitimacy—in the enterprise, at least.

High performance computing was a holdout then, and some could argue it has remained one until relatively recently. For one thing, it was difficult, especially with restrictive software licenses and deployment complexities.

But the cloud providers have made onboarding apps a snap, and there are plenty of ways to DIY even the most latency sensitive. Proprietary licensed HPC applications for both hybrid and full-cloud runs.

Although, Rescale’s announcement today follows a dramatic acceleration in customer demand, investor interest and market momentum, bringing the company’s total funding to over $155 million, with over 200 enterprise customers.


Although, With the collaboration between Rescale and Nvidia, customers will be able to build digital twins that are physically accurate. It will also make it easier to create new simulation workflows. And run simulations on demand rescale series 100M Wiggers Venturebeat.

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