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Poshan Abhiyan is the Prime Minister’s overarching scheme for holistic management. Also, Today in this article, we will learn about Poshan Abhiyan. Also, what is Poshan Abhiyaan, and How does Poshanabiyaan.gov.in Login? All the important information related to Poshanabiyaan mow&cd login is shared here. Also, How to do Data Entry on Poshanabiyaan.gov.in

What is Poshan Abhiyaan?

Although National Ministries and state departments implement Poshan Abhiyaan through coordination, convergence, and leveraging Technology to improve nutrition in women, children, and adolescents. Also, The ministry of women and child growth is the nodal ministry for Poshan Abhiyan.

Although, The Abhiyaan is not a program but a Jan Aandolan. Also, The Jan Andolan data entry formed to show you will reflect your long work as you. The users at National state, district, and block levels. Each user has a unique username and password.

Prime Minister’s Child Development Scheme

Although, In March 2018, The Poshan Abhiyaan was launched by the Prime Minister. Also, It is the programme started by the Government of India to improve nutritional outcomes for children, pregnant women, then lactating mothers aiming for Holistic Nutrition.

Poshanabiyaan.gov.in Login HighlightsPoshanabiyaan.gov.in Login Highlights

Abhiyaan Name Poshan Abhiyaan
 Also, Launched by PM Modi
 Also, Ministry Ministry of Women and Child Development
Also, Panchayat Poshan Panchayat
Beneficiaries  Also, Pregnant women, babies and children
Also, Registration September 1 to September 30 2022
Also, Poshan Abhiyaan Login Check Login Steps
PoshanAbiyaan Helpline  Also, 011-23368202 / 011-23362376

Poshan Ahiyaan 2022 September Registration

Poshan Maah, the 2022 September register is open now. Also, Fifth Nourishment Month 2022 is a program of Poshan Abhiyaan, which has been begun on September 1 in every state district of the country from rural to city locations.

Although, It is PM’s overarching scheme for Holistic Nourishment to conserve babies and pregnant females from lack of nutrition and offer lactating ladies. Also, Obtaining food is the initiative of this nourishment campaign. It is the season when triggering poshan panchayats for Poshan Maah 2022 September programme.

Although, The nation is coping with numerous various other troubles and upsurges. Also, Because of such a situation, the problem of poverty is likewise enhancing in the country, along with the degree of health and wellness dropping, after extensive brainstorming by the federal government.

Poshanabiyaan Gov In Objective

Although, Poshan Abhiyaan is to implement a comprehensive and unified strategy to strengthen the nutrition of children and pregnant women. Also, The main objective of Poshan Abhiyaan is to promote health, the immune system, and wellness. Also, Every year, September is celebrated as Rashtriya Poshan Maah all over India.

Although, They are spreading awareness of health and better nutrition to newborn babies, women, and children. Also, It is an Abhiyan outreach programme for pregnant women in rural areas of the city. Also, They organize various health nourishment awareness events in different rural locations of the city.

Poshan Abhiyaan Statistics

1 ANDAMAN & NICOBAR ISLANDS 3 715 4,577 9,086 3,592 3,898 21,808
2 ANDHRA PRADESH 13 745251 74,87,480  Also, 1,06,66,613 49,82,959 53,37,971 2,82,89,595
3 ARUNACHAL PRADESH 20 12823 1,03,275  Also, 2,70,697 1,10,082 1,24,873 6,05,565
4 ASSAM 33 1007750 2,12,97,540  Also, 3,43,78,114 1,56,85,856 1,79,16,844 5,57,50,634
5 BIHAR 38 20725050  Also, 24,92,12,225  Also, 33,95,55,093 12,27,50,848 12,93,56,465  Also, 68,74,90,254
6 Also, CHANDIGARH 1 91756 1,20,144 3,10,304 3,80,469 3,94,191 8,43,366
7  CHHATTISGARH 27 737036  Also, 34,56,443  Also, 54,86,661 35,25,455 38,37,590  Also, 1,59,52,938
8  Also, DADRA NAGAR HAVELI & DAMAN & DIU 3  Also, 1816 3,238  Also, 12,049 11,772 14,943  Also, 44,467
9  Also, DELHI 11 21637 30,915  Also, 3,67,064  Also, 82,439 1,11,556  Also, 5,99,305
10 GOA 2 9429  Also, 6,950 50,136 8,020  Also, 11,541 78,830
11 GUJARAT 33  Also, 20407736  12,48,14,199  Also, 13,79,14,221 9,63,14,847  Also, 9,96,58,794  Also, 40,17,54,007
12 HARYANA 22 131338  Also, 24,79,956  Also, 62,44,176 21,84,406  Also, 26,61,466  Also, 1,17,35,118
13  Also, HIMACHAL PRADESH 12  Also, 268115  Also, 33,46,983 93,46,490  Also, 22,22,098 28,36,991  Also, 1,64,82,247
14  Also, JAMMU AND KASHMIR 22 80026 7,59,747  Also, 17,43,496 9,76,455  Also, 11,38,897 44,75,609
15 JHARKHAND 24 746946  Also, 3,09,00,304  Also, 4,25,02,826 1,58,57,137  Also, 1,82,85,162  Also, 8,11,25,186

Poshan Abhiyaan Data Entry Login

  • Also, Go to http://poshanabhiyaan.gov.in
  • Also, Now navigate to the Data Entry unit in the navbar.
  • Now, the login form is loaded on your screen.
  • Also, Enter your username rendering to your state.
  • Also, Then enter your password.
  • Fill in the captcha.
  • Also, Click on the Sign-in button.
  • After login in, you will get your dashboard.
  • Also, Now go to the Activity Participation form.
  • Also, Fill in the following Activity details:
    • Activity
    • Also, Level
    • Also, Theme
    • Organizer
    • Also, Date
    • Number of overall participants
    • Also, Upload the relevant image
  • Also, Click on give in to button.

Poshan Abhiyaan monitoring dashboard 

  • Also, First, go to the official Poshan Abhiyaan site homepage.
  • Now in the navigation bar, clack on the Monitoring dashboard.
  • Also, Now you’ll understand a Monitoring login form.
  • Also, Pass in the username and password.
  • After successful login, you’ll get the Poshan Abhiyaan Monitoring dashboard.

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