Oppo A53 Cover

You will get superior overall performance, camera, battery, and display than oppo. Except for the 90 Hz refresh rate, there is nothing new on the Oppo A53. Oppo products are never good value for money. Because there is no night setting on the A53, low-light photos are gloomy, boring, and unsatisfying. The A53’s colour fidelity isn’t ideal, but with proper lighting, it can produce some rather vivid images.

Oppo A53 Translucent Frosted Smoke Mobile CoverOppo A53 Translucent Frosted Smoke Mobile Cover

Frosted Smoke Container Feature: Contrast Button Enhances the Color of the Phone Case.

Matte Anti-Fingerprint Finish The phone case’s back surface is translucent frosted smoke.

Coating with Silicone Oil Carbonates made with polycarbonates

The camera location and surrounding region are 0.3mm higher above the surface, which helps protect the mobile phone’s camera and screen and prevents dust.

Production: Back Cover with Camera

Polycarbonates TPU is the materials used.

China is the country of origin.

This Smoke Cover Camera’s surrounding area is higher than the surface, so it protects the mobile phone’s camera and screen. The Colorful Contrast Button adds a Pop of Color to this Phone Case. This Smoke Cover surface is anti-fingerprint and has a Matte Finish Translucent Frosted Smoke.

Oppo A53 Aintree Soft Tpu Back Case Cover

  • All ports and functionalities are accessible.
  • Soft surface, pleasant to the touch.
  • TPU case that is impact resistant and flexible.
  • Long-lasting, fashionable, and lightweight.

Colour: Clear TPU-Transparent Soft TPU Back Covers protect your Precious Mobile Phone from dust and unwanted damage. It is custom-made to fit well and provide optimum protection for the device. The Soft Case is strengthened on the edges, sides, and back to help your phone last longer. Aside from offering protection, it also includes accurate holes for the side buttons, charging port/dock connection, headset jack, and speaker, allowing you complete access to all of your device’s functionalities.

New Breed Oppo A53 Armor Kickstand Case Back Cover (Red)


The Cover makes it easy to watch a movie or video on your phone.

Oppo A53 is a compatible device. This designer case remains created from an ecologically safe, non-toxic premium-grade Matte Finish TPU base in the colour Red. Also, Reinforced corners cushion and shield your smartphone from drops, bumps, and scratches, providing optimum protection.

The Back Cover is the case type. Allows easy access to the camera, volume controls, power buttons, headphone jack, and charging without removing the Cover.

This ring TPU matte finish case cover shields the phone from all sides, including the back, top, and bottom, providing complete 360-degree protection and safety against day-to-day drops and damages. This Cover features good cut-outs for your phone’s buttons and covers over the phone’s volume and power buttons with a high-grade tactile button so you can easily control these buttons.


Is a screen protector included with the OPPO A53? Also, OPPO wants its customers to receive their mobile phones with pleasure and without concern. That is why all OPPO phones come with a complimentary screen protector and a phone cover to safeguard and provide you with the best possible experience.

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