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When selecting a course that meets your requirements, German students nowadays have more possibilities than ever before. Traditional classroom classes and multimedia apps can help you learn to speak, read, and write in the language.

Finding the proper course for you might be difficult with so many options. We have compiled this “Top 3” list of German online lessons.

The top 3 online German classes in 2022The top 3 online German classes in 2022

We’ve picked the top 3 German courses and discussed their main features so you can evaluate which ones are most interesting and compelling for your specific learning goals.

  • Preply: Ideal for live 1-on-1 tutoring sessions.
  • The German Project: Ideal for Newcomers
  • GermanPod101: YouTube’s Best Lessons (all levels)


Preply is ideal for live 1-on-1 tutoring sessions.

Do you wish to speak German like the people of Salzburg or Zürich? Preply will connect you with a professional German instructor who is a native speaker of Oesterreichische Standarddeutsch or Züritüütsch (Zürich German). If you want to visit Berlin, Stuttgart, or Bonn, you can select a suitable Preply teacher to help you prepare for talks with people in those locations.

No matter what your learning level is, working with your private tutor will save you time, as you won’t have to trudge through courses about things you already understand. You may also utilize the “Vocab” tool to practise all the new words your teacher provides you between classes.

Learning German terms is just the beginning of genuinely mastering them. Understanding what those words imply in context can help you improve your fluency. Conversations with your tutor will give you enough practise with the language’s intricacies — and you won’t have to wait until after class to ask questions!

The German Project Is Ideal for NovicesThe German Project Is Ideal for Novices

If you’re a German beginner looking to have fun with your German classes while learning the basics, check out The German Project. Allow Jens and his colourful family to help you lay the groundwork for German language study.

  • Fundamental verbs and phrases
  • Polite forms of address
  • Umlauts and other peculiarities of the German alphabet
  • German questions
  • Comparison phrases
  • Numbers

Aside from these free classes, The German Project enchants students with famous fairy tales and fables such as Henry Hühnchen (Chicken Little), Goldlöckchen und die Drei Bären (Goldilocks and the Three Bears), and Rotkäppchen (Rotkäppchen) (Little Red Riding Hood). These are accessible with German audio, German text, and optional written English translations.

GermanPod101’s Favorite YouTube Lessons (all levels)

Although, On the GermanPod101 YouTube channel, you may watch hundreds of free videos on the German language and culture. Also, these videos are well-organized into playlists, with learning levels and subjects highlighted. There are reading and listening exercises, learning advice, topical vocabulary, and pronunciation help.

Visit the GermanPod101 website for a more interactive experience. Also, A variety of entertaining podcast series teaches new German vocabulary and ideas through dialogues and informal discussions, allowing you to hear how words and phrases remain used in context.

Most of the podcasts couple a native German speaker with a learner of the language. Although, It lays the groundwork for learning German at a fair yet quick speed, with plenty of helpful explanations.


Although, Is it possible to learn German in two years? Language students who practise total immersion for eight hours each day can learn German to a high level in a couple of months. Those who devote at least one hour daily to language learning can reach an intermediate level in less than two years.

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