Nse: Jpassociat 

Hello everyone, today we are going to know about Nse: Jpassociat or Jaiprakash Associates Limited. So it is a company that involves many businesses like power, Sports Events, Real Estate engineering, and construction. Jaiprakash remains based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, and also know as Jaypee Group.

Nse: Jpassociat operates business in India and internationally. It was an Industry Conglomerate founded in 1979; 44 years ago, the founder was Jaiprakash Gaur. The Headquarters of Jaiprakash Associates is in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Jaiprakash Gaur was not only the founder but also the Chairman of the company. He was born in the village of Chitta near Bulandshahr and was the 70th-richest person in India in 2012. Jaypee has more support from engineering and construction projects.

What Is Nse: Jpassociat?What Is Nse: Jpassociat?

(NSE) The National Stock Exchange of India is a leading stock exchange in India. It remains established in 1992 and remains located in Mumbai. The NSE offers a platform for trading equity, derivatives, and currency derivatives. It is the primary stock exchange in India’s market capitalization and trading volumes.

As for Jindal Power Limited, before known as Jindal Praxair Oxygen Company Limited (JPOCL). It is a subsidiary of Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL). The company remains involved in generating power through thermal, hydro, and energy sources.

On the other hand, Jaypee Associates Limited (JPAL) is a diversified infrastructure conglomerate in India with interests in engineering and construction, cement, power, real estate, expressways, hospitality, and healthcare sectors. It is a subsidiary of Jaiprakash Associates Limited, listed on the NSE in India.

How Has The Jaiprakash Associates Share Price Performed This Year?How Has The Jaiprakash Associates Share Price Performed This Year_

Jaiprakash Associates shares are trading at IN₹7.70. And the share price remains delayed by 15 minutes. The last closing of Jaiprakash Associates shares is at IN₹7.70, and over the past 365 days, the price had moved by -31.56%. The Jaiprakash Associates share price has failed the S&P BSE 100 Index by -32.99% over the past year.

Suppose you want to buy shares in Jaiprakash Associates. Then you need a share-dealing account with an offline or online stock broker. You can select shares to buy and sell after you have your account and transfer funds into it.

If you want to find what kind of that suits your investment strategy, take the help of Stockopedia. It is a share research software that helps you to find shares that fit your investment strategy. Did Jaiprakash Associates have shares listed? Yes, it has a Country of listing which is India, and Exchange is NSI, the National Stock Exchange of India. The Ticker Symbol of Jaiprakash Associates is Jpassociat.

About Nse: Jpassociat about Nse: Jpassociat

Jpassociat is the stock symbol for Jaiprakash Associates Limited, a company listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) in India. Jaiprakash Associates Limited is a diversified infrastructure conglomerate with various business sectors, including engineering and construction, power, cement, real estate, and hospitality. The company was established in 1979 and remains headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Jaiprakash Associates Limited is significant in the Indian construction and real estate industries, with various infrastructure projects and townships nationwide. The company has also remained involved in various power generation and transmission projects, including hydroelectric and thermal power plants.

The NSE is the leading stock exchange in India, providing a platform for trading various financial instruments, including stocks, futures, and options. The Jpassociat stock remains traded on the NSE, and investors can track its performance using multiple indices, such as the Nifty Infrastructure index.

How To Buy Jaiprakash Asso Share?How To Buy Jaiprakash Asso Share_

Buying shares in Jaiprakash Associates Limited can remain done through many methods, including online and offline modes. This guide will offer a step-by-step way to buy Jaiprakash Asso shares.

Open a Demat Account: The first step in buying Jaiprakash Associates Limited shares is to open a Demat account. A Demat account is a digital account that holds your shares. You can open a Demat account with any bank or brokerage firm registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

Choose a Broker: Once you have opened a Demat account, the next step is to choose a broker. A broker is a middleman who facilitates the buying and selling of shares. You can choose from various brokers, including full-service and discount brokers.

Fund your Trading Account: After choosing a broker, the next step is to fund your trading account. You can transfer assets from your bank account to your trading account using net banking or other payment modes.

Place an Order: Once you have funded your trading account, you can place an order to buy Jaiprakash Associates Limited shares. You can order online or offline using your broker’s trading platform.

Set the Price: When placing an order to buy Jaiprakash Associates Limited shares, you need to set the price at which you want to buy the shares. You can either place a market or limit the order. A market order buys shares at the current market price, while a limit order buys shares at a specific price.

Check Order Status: After placing an order, you can check the status of your order using your broker’s trading platform. Once the demand remains executed, the shares will remain credited to your Demat account.

Check your Investment: After buying Jaiprakash Associates Limited shares, you must regularly monitor your investment. You can track the share price and news related to the company to make informed investment decisions.

What Are The Analyst And Broker Recommendations For Jpassociat?What Are The Analyst And Broker Recommendations For Jpassociat_

As of September 2021, here are some of the analyst and broker recommendations for Jaiprakash Associates Limited (JPAL):

According to the data from Moneycontrol, as of September 2021, out of the nine analyst recommendations available for Jpassociat. One analyst rated it as a “buy,” 1 rated it as a “hold,” and 7 rated it as a “sell.”

Additionally, we must note that analyst and broker recommendations can vary over time and are subject to change based on various factors. Such as market conditions, company performance, and industry trends. Researching and consulting many sources is always important before making investment decisions.

At that time, the consensus rating for Jaiprakash Associates Limited (JPAL) on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) was “Hold.” This consensus rating remained based on the analysis of various brokerage firms and analysts. The consensus target price for Jpassociat was Rs. 6.50, with a high estimate of Rs. 11 and a low estimate of Rs. 3.


In conclusion, Jaypee Associates Limited (JPAL) is a diversified infrastructure conglomerate in India with a wide range of interests in various sectors of the economy. Its parent company, Jaiprakash Associates Limited, remains listed on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE). Overall, JPAL is an essential player in the Indian economy and plays a significant role in developing the infrastructure and construction sectors.