Navy Plane Crashes Eastern Shore 


According to authorities, a small U.S. Navy plane crashed Wednesday evening along Virginia’s Eastern Shore, killing one crew member and injuring two others. An E-2D Hawkeye plane crashed around 7:30 p.m. near Wallops Island and Chincoteague, Va. According to a brief statement issued by the Navy early Thursday morning. According to the Associated Press, a Navy officer stated that the plane was performing routine flight operations.

The plane crashed in Chincoteague Bay near the Eastern Shore boundary of Virginia and Maryland, The A.P. reported, citing the Fire Department in Ocean City, Md. The crash site is about 150 miles southeast of Washington, D.C.

The plane had crashed in Chincoteague Bay near the Eastern Shore boundary of Virginia and Maryland. According to A.P. reported, citing the Fire Department in Ocean City, Md. The crash site is about 150 miles southeast of Washington, D.C.

Navy Plane Crashes Eastern ShoreNavy Plane Crashes Eastern Shore

The Navy said the five-seat plane crashed Wednesday evening with three crew members on board; two were rescued. The U.S. Coast Guard rescued two injured people, and one was found dead in the aircraft, U.S. Navy E2-D Hawkeye, Myers said.

Ryan Whittington, a spokesman for the Ocean City Fire Department. Told The Associated Press that it and other agencies remained on the scene after the plane went down in Chincoteague Bay near the community of Stockton.

The plane, an advanced tactical airborne early warning aircraft, is based out of Naval Station Norfolk and assigned to an East Coast Airborne Command and Control Squadron. Whittington said a volunteer fire department in Stockton was the first to respond after getting a call around 7:30 p.m., adding other agencies were assisting.

He said waters in the bay were relatively calm as divers from his fire department and one other helped rescue two people from the plane. He added that they were taken to a hospital without further information on their condition.

Navy Plane Crash ChincoteagueNavy Plane Crash Chincoteague

On Wednesday evening, a Navy plane crashed in Chincoteague, near the Eastern Shore boundary of Virginia and Maryland. One of the crew members was found dead in the plane, and the Navy said divers from the Fire Department in Worcester County, Md., helped recover the body.

The Maryland State Police rescued two other crew members and sent them to Wallops Island to receive treatment for injuries. The Navy does not release the names of the crew members, but the plane was assigned to an East Coast Airborne Command and Control Squadron. The Navy stated that the crash was being investigated.

Although, Conferring to the A.P., the aircraft was based at Naval Station Norfolk, the world’s largest naval complex. Also, On Thursday, A Navy spokesman said by telephone that he had no comment. A call to the Fire Department in Ocean City rang unanswered.

Navy Plane Crashes Eastern Shore 2021Navy Plane Crashes Eastern Shore 2021

Navy divers have recovered an aeroplane that crashed last month in the water off the Eastern Shore near the Virginia-Maryland line in 2021. The E-2D Hawkeye remained to conduct routine flight operations in the locality of Wallops Island, Virginia, when it went down near 7:30 p.m. on March 30.

The crash killed one of the three sailors on the plane, while the other two were rescued by Maryland State Police, who injured them on top of the partially submerged wreck. Also, The Navy identified the Sailor who died in the crash as Lieutenant Hyrum Hanlon.

Although, Hanlon graduated from Arizona State University and joined the Navy in May 2017. Also, He reported to the Norfolk-based VAW-120 in January 2021. U.S. Navy aircraft have been involved in several crashes since the year’s start.

Last month, a helicopter operated by a military contractor crashed during a training mission at a U.S. Naval Facility in Hawaii, killing all four people on board. And in early March, the Navy said it had recovered an F-35 fighter jet that had fallen into the South China Sea after crashing while trying to land on an aircraft carrier in January.

Navy Plane Crash VirginiaNavy Plane Crash Virginia

Navy divers have recovered a plane that crashed last month in the water off the Eastern Shore near the Virginia-Maryland line, killing one Sailor. One crew member died, and two were injured when the aircraft went down along the Eastern Shore. A fatal U.S. Navy plane crash in the water near Chincoteague is under investigation.

Although, Chief of Naval Acts Adm. Mike Gilday said, “Together, we grieve the loss of our U.S. Navy shipmate in yesterday’s E2-D crash near Wallops Island and Chincoteague, Virginia. Our feelings and prayers remain with the family and our Navy team. To the two injured Sailors, we wish you swift healing. We have the watch.”

What Happened?

The aircraft was conducting routine operations when the crash occurred at about 7:30 p.m. Also, Wednesday, according to Naval Air Force Atlantic Public Affairs.

Although, First responders said they were notified about the incident at 7:32 p.m. According to the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company, the aircraft remain partially submerged in the water just north of Chincoteague Island.

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Wallops Island Plane CrashWallops Island Plane Crash

After Navy divers recovered an aircraft that had crashed in the water near the Virginia-Maryland border off the Eastern Shore, the two injured crew members remain sent to Wallops Island for treatment there.

Although, The Virginian-Pilot reported that to improve the plane on Tuesday, the Navy called on divers from Little Creek’s Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit 2, which specializes in the salvage and recovery of underwater objects.

Although, “We appreciate the support from MDSU 2 and from the numerous local and state officials who assisted with recovery operations,” said Cmdr. Martin Fentress Jr., commanding officer of VAW-120. Also, MDSU 2 is the Navy’s East Coast diving and salvage unit, capable of providing skilled, qualified, and combat-ready deployable forces around the globe to support various operations.

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Although, A Navy tactical early warning plane went down in the area of Chincoteague Bay Thursday evening with three crew members on board. One remains found dead, and two others suffered injuries but remain rescued by Maryland State Police.

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