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Kene Okafor, head of content at Jumia Africa, has a lot to tell us about the role of content in today’s Marketplace. In this Interview, Kene talks about how Jumia approaches content marketing, the importance of user feedback, and how Jumia ensures that all its content is up-to-date and relevant.

Jumia Africa has Jumia Nigeria’s eCommerce website,, which has ranked number 1,503 in global internet engagement. In late April 2020, was Nigeria’s thirteenth most visited website. It is the sixth most-visited local website in Nigeria, as of April 2020, following a recent listing by IABC Africa Media.

Who Is The Owner Of JumiaWho Is The Owner Of Jumia

Rocket Internet SE is a German Internet company headquartered in Berlin. The company model is known as a startup studio or a venture builder. The CEO and founder of Jumia Africa are Kene Okafor, a Nigerian e-commerce company. Jumia Africa was founded in 2012 to give African consumers access to good goods.

Kene explains his practice with Jumia Africa and how the company has grown in the Interview and more as he talks about how Jumia approaches content marketing, the status of user feedback, and how Jumia ensures that all its content is up-to-date and applicable.

Jumia Africa is a business-to-business online marketplace that helps small businesses worldwide grow and expand. With a wide range of crops and services, Jumia Africa offers businesses everything they need to start and grow their businesses.

Jumia remained launched in Nigeria in 2012 and prolonged to five other countries: Egypt, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Kenya and South Africa. In February 2022, Jumia proclaimed a partnership with LocQar, an innovative locker company, to bring online deliveries closer to its customers in Ghana, ensuring that customers who instruction items on Jumia get to pick up their letters quicker, safer and more conveniently.

Interview Jumia African Kene Okafor TechcrunchInterview Jumia African Kene Okafor Techcrunch

TechCrunch has an Interview with the co-CEO of Jumia, Jeremy Hodara. This month, African e-commerce giant Jumia released its second full-year financials for Q4 and its fiscal year 2020. Hodara said two important things about the stock rise.

First, in general, the world understood there was a big model shift in e-commerce and that e-commerce was the way to energy for the future. For every e-commerce company in the past 12 to 18 months, you can look at this.

Although, The second thing that happened is that they at Jumia have been very strong about the opportunities e-commerce signifies in Africa. E-commerce is an actual problem of access to consumption and has a durable value proposition to those who essentially don’t fancy brick-and-mortar stores in Africa

Although, Kene-Okafor covers startups and investment activities in Nigeria and Africa for TechCrunch. Before this, Tage reported on the same beat for Techpoint Africa. You can hit him up at

Interview Co-Ceo Jumia African Kene Okafor TechcrunchInterview Co-Ceo Jumia African Kene Okafor Techcrunch

Although, African e-commerce giant Jumia has made a change in management as co-founders Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Poignonnec step down effective today as co-CEOs, according to a statement seen by TechCrunch.

The two founders, who until today shared the chief executive role, have been at the helm of Africa’s only publicly traded company on the NYSE for over a decade—overseeing Jumia’s pan-African expansion across 11 countries as well as its product journey that now includes a marketplace, JumiaPay, its payment arm and a logistics platform.

Although, The unevenness of Jumia’s business remains also reflected in its share price achieved in the past year. Also, In March 2020, the business hit rock bottom and hit an all-time low of $2.15 after opposite fraud allegations. But its success an all-time high of $69.89 nearly a year later this February.

With its financial release, two things were top of TechCrunch’s mind: What completed Jumia’s value swell by additional than 3,000% in the last year, and will the e-commerce player’s permanent losses end anytime soon?

Dash Insight Venture Partnerskeneokafortechcrunch

Dash is a unified payment platform built for to better. We are a motivated and fun group of skilled young humans who come to work daily to check off items from our, make payments better Dash is an exposed source cryptocurrency.

It is an altcoin that was divided from the Bitcoin protocol. It is also a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) run by a subset of its users called “controller nodes”. Insight Venture Partners are Ghanaian fintech Dash raises $32.8M seed to build connected wallets for Africans, Untitled Ventures joins the scramble for Russian & Eastern European startups with a $118M war chest, and Chargebee valued at $1.4 billion in new $125 million fundraise.

Ghanabased Dash Insight Venture PartnerskeneokafortechcrunchGhanabased Dash Insight Venture Partnerskeneokafortechcrunch

Global financial transactions are primarily facilitated by payment processors such as Visa or Mastercard. They are responsible for communication between banks and fintech to speed up transactions for consumers and businesses.

Africa is different. It is not predominantly a card continent. Telecoms and banks lead the majority of online financial transactions conducted in the region through mobile money wallets and bank accounts. But here’s the problem: While both systems typically work well when users transact in their unique environments, there is no transaction interoperability between them.

An alternative payment network with connected wallets allowing mobile money users to transact with a bank account would solve this problem, and that’s the premise of Ghana-based fintech Dash. The unified payments app is announcing today that it has raised $32.8 million in a pre-paid seed round.

Tala 145m 800m Keneokafortechcrunch

Tala, a digital lender in emerging markets that offers loans between $10 and $500 to consumers and small business owners, has raised $145 million in Series E funding. The round was led by Upstart, founded by former Google employees Dave Girouard, Anna Counselman and Paul Gu. Stellar Development Foundation’s Enterprise Fund and new investors Kindred Ventures and J. Safra Group participated.

Existing investors IVP, Revolution Growth and Lowercase Capital also participated in the round, which brought Tal’s total funding to just over $360 million. According to a source near to the company, the new investment values ​​Tal north of $800 million.

Unlike the last funding round, when Tala raised $100 million in debt financing in addition to its $110 million Series D, this time, the microloan raised only equity.

In 2011, Shivani Siroya founded Tala after quitting her job as an investment banking analyst. The idea came when I was involved in research for the United Nations Population Fund. She found that many of the people she spoke to in emerging markets had good credit but didn’t have immediate access to credit and quick loans.

In addition, more than 2 billion of these people have limited access to financial services and working capital, according to World Bank statistics.

Egypt-based B2b Series RmbvkeneokafortechcrunchEgypt-based B2b Series Rmbvkeneokafortechcrunch

Founders of well-funded Egyptian B2B startup Capiter fired for ‘inability to perform duties. Egyptian startup Capiter has raised $33 million in Series A funding to compete in the country’s growing B2B e-commerce and retail space. A year later, the startup laid off several employees, and now its CEO and COO have been relieved of their duties after allegedly mismanaging funds.

Here’s what we know so far. From June to July, several former employees of Egyptian startups, including Capiter, posted about layoffs at their respective companies, although they were never publicly contacted by their employers. Other companies include OPay Egypt, elements, ExpandCart and Brimore.

Jumia Owner Net WorthJumia Owner Net Worth

Jumia Generated Revenue about Five Years Ago. Also, In 2015, Jumia produced $234 million in revenue. And this stands for a 265% growth from 2014. Also, in 2016, Jumia became the continent’s first unicorn.

Although, Hodara, who is currently 40 years old, is amongst the youngest millionaires in the world, with a projected net worth of about $234 million. Also, his JUMIA company remains valued at about $1 billion. What amazing!

Also, in April 2019, Jumia went public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Also, and it raised $196 million in net proceeds. Initially offered at $14.50, the share price rose over 200%. Also, and this was in the first three trading sessions. Also, the first analyst papers released 21 days after the IPO rated the business at stock targets between 27 and 40 USD.

Which Country Owns JumiaAmazon of Africa

Jumia remained founded by the German technology holding company Rocket Internet to be the Amazon of Africa. To this day, Jumia remains headquartered in Berlin, despite operating its business only in African markets.

Although, Jumia is Africa’s leading eCommerce company connecting merchants and buyers in 11 countries. Also, Modelled after Amazon, customers of Jumia can buy a broad range of products on the site. Everything from electronics to makeup.

Jumia’s rapid growth has come despite how early eCommerce still is in Africa. Over time, however, as eCommerce adoption rises in Africa, Jumia’s growth rate will likely accelerate dramatically. Also, Today Jumia operates in 11 African countries that account for the bulk of the continent’s GDP. And population, particularly Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa.


The head of content at Jumia Africa, Kene Okafor, has a lot to tell us. About the role of content in today’s Marketplace. The CEO and founder of Jumia Africa are Kene Okafor, a Nigerian e-commerce company.

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