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Do you want to import your Covid 19 screening test certificate into TousAntiCovid or retrieve the QR Code of this test certificate? Go to by logging in using FranceConnect. You can then save your positive or negative Covid certificate in the AntiCovid mobile application, download the PDF or print it in paper format.

If you want to participate in events, gatherings, or, for example, go to a restaurant, you are asked to present your vaccination pass (former health pass). Indeed, to have his QR Code scanned.

How To Retrieve Your Covid Test Certificate On https //

As we know, there are several Covid tests: PCR, antigen tests… Whether it is a negative supervised self-test, an antigen test, or a positive or negative RT-PCR test, these the latter are authenticated by a Qr Code, which can be found in the paper version on a test certificate. And which can remain imported into TousAntiCovid, the famous mobile phone application.

As for the Vaccine certificates that can remain downloaded from and very soon, no doubt, from Do you want to put your test result certificate in AntiCovid? Two solutions are available to you. The first, the simplest, is. You will then arrive directly at the portal.

If you no longer have this link, the second is to connect to the SI-DEP portal with FranceConnect. It is this second approach that we suggest you follow. However, to retrieve this test proof and insert the Qr Code into TousAnticovid, a few prerequisites remain required. First, to have France Connect access, then to download the Anticovid app.

Recording of Antigen Test Results in https //

The healthcare professional can do the recording of the results of the antigenic tests via the dedicated SI-DEP portal: It can also be done using software compatible with SI-DEP, the list of which is updated as of June 20, 2022:

  • éOS (French Rescue and First Aid Federation),
  • Ordoclic (Ordoclik’),
  • Pharmacovid (Pharmasoft SAS),
  • Fast covid (SIL-LAB),
  • Bimedoc (Bimedoc),
  • Magenet/Test-N-Track-App (MagentineHealthcare),
  • Izymeet (ITEKCOM),
  • Libheros (Lib-heros SAS),
  • RDV by QuizCoach (Quiz Coach),
  • VALWIN Pharma (VALWIN),
  • MeTreat (MeTreat),
  • digitecpharma (INTECMEDIA),
  • EasyDeclaration (IDC-Pharma),
  • Pharmanity (Pharmanity).

How do I retrieve the QR code of my test certificate in European format?

1) Download the TousAntiCovid application:

2) Once your test has remain completed, you will receive an SMS notification on your Smartphone:

You can import your result into the  TousAntiCovid application to keep it. You have to click on the link available in the SMS (link + QR code above). TEST(1).JPG

3) You remain redirected to the SI-DEP portal of the French authorities:

– Enter your date of birth in DD/MM/YYY format in the field provided.

– According to the information communicated to the laboratory, you will remain offered the option of receiving

Your temporary password by email or SMS.

– Then click on “Send Password.”

4) Enter the received password in the field provided. Then click “Enter.”

5 You can then:

– Download the document in PDF format to be able to print it or keep it.

(This document contains the Covid 19 virological test result sheet, the European digital COVID certificate, as well as the corresponding QR codes)

– Import it into the TousAntiCovid  application

For A COVID Test Of More Than 3 Months

The patients whose test has remain carried out since April 6, 2021: the certificate is available on according to the procedure described below. For patients who tested positive between March 28 and April 20, 2021: a “catch-up” via SMS/email forwarding has been carried out so that they can retrieve proof of a positive test in European format.

But be careful with each patient, only the latest proof of the sampling date can be retrieved on (for example: if a negative test has been carried out in the meantime, only the evidence of the latest test will be available). For those tested before March 28, 2021, it is necessary to have a complete vaccination schedule or remain retested to obtain proof of a negative test.

You must follow the following steps:

1) Create a FranceConnect account; if you don’t have one, click on the link: FranceConnect

2) Connect to SIDEP and identify yourself via FranceConnect.

3) Get proof of the test.

4) You can print or import your result on the TousAntiCovid application.

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Although, How to retrieve your Covid test certificate on Side. Govt. en ? · 1- I go to the SIDEP portal via the address https:/www. sidep. Govt. https :// sidep . govt. en /cyberlab/patientviewer.jsp. SIDEP provides information on the tests carried out in the last three months and therefore makes it possible to obtain

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