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As of today, Thursday, May 27, 2021, all beneficiaries of a French health insurance scheme can obtain their certified vaccination certificate independently and securely from the teleservice developed by Assurance Maladie.

Access is possible via tablets, computers, and telephones. The connection is made via the FranceCon next service. The certificate can be directly integrated into the TousAntiCovid application using a QR Code. People who do not master digital tools or do not have access to them can request their certificate from the professional or center that vaccinated them or collect it from their attending physician.

The Certified Vaccination CertificateThe Certified Vaccination Certificate

Since May 03, 2021, people vaccinated against Covid-19 have been hand-delivered, after injection, a “certified” vaccination certificate in paper format. It is produced by the “Covid Vaccine” teleservice accessible to PS.

Since May 27, 2021, the certificate can also be downloaded (and printed) from a dedicated teleservice accessible via the Internet (computer, tablet, and smartphone) to all vaccinated people, regardless of their membership regime: https: //

This teleservice is independent of an Ameli account and the MGEN Personal Space.

Important: after each injection of a dose of vaccine, a new version of the certificate is available.

Identification of the teleservice remain carried out via FranceConnect. This device allows authentication via the usual identifiers for connection to certain online public services: the insured must use his expected identifier to link to the tax service.

It is possible to issue a certified vaccination certificate for a minor child via the online service dedicated to insured persons.


What Is The Purpose Of The Certified Vaccination Certificate?

This vaccination certificate remains official proof of vaccination for all uses defined on the national territory. Exceptionally, it will be necessary to participate in large gatherings such as certain types of concerts or fairs, etc. In this case, the QR code is the only element of the certificate to remain shown during the check, whether a certificate remain used in digital or paper format.

What Is Data Indicated On The Certificate?What Is Data Indicated On The Certificate?

The vaccination certificate contains the following data only:

  • identification of the vaccinated person: use of the patronymic name (maiden name) and, since November 29, 2021, the usual name if it is different from the patronymic name
  • name of vaccine for the last injection
  • date of last injection and vaccination status.
  • 2 visible electronic seals
  • a Document Authentication Datamatrix (the standard used by the French administration to certify its documents)
  • A secure QR Code to flash with your smartphone in the “Test and vaccination book” functionality of the TousAntiCovid mobile application, thus allowing you to store your certificate.

Covid-19 Vaccination: Provision Of The Certified Vaccination Certificate In European Format

To travel more efficiently and safely, the certified vaccination certificates given by health professionals for each vaccine injection against Covid-19 and the vaccination summary are now available in European format and a bilingual version (French and English). It guarantees the best health security while allowing travel within the European Union.

For this, since June 25, the health professionals who vaccinate have given the vaccinated person two documents:

– a certificate of vaccination certified following the European standard, containing a QRcode;

– the vaccination summary, which, when signed, constitutes the medical certificate relating to this vaccination.

What Is The Purpose Of The Certified Vaccination Certificate In European Format?

This new document will allow travel within the European Union (EU) from July 1, 2021. In any case, people who remain not yet vaccinated will remain able to show other proof to access the same rights, such as certificates of negative test or recovery according to the rules in force for the conditions of entry into the territory of each country.

The vaccination certificate can only remain used for traveling or participating in large gatherings once the vaccination cycle remains closed and the immunity period has passed. Even if the certified certificate is an administrative document, it contains a certain amount of personal data. It is advisable not to post it on social networks to avoid having it remain data hacked.

Steps To Connect to the Online Service the Vaccination Certificate

Access to this teleservice is available on computers, tablets, and smartphone


Go to the address and then click on the button “Identity with FranceConnect.”


Identify yourself via FranceConnect using your usual login ID for the service (tax number and personal password)

Please note that the tax account is personal. In the case of a tax household, it is, therefore, necessary for each declarant to create its history to be able to edit its vaccination certificate.

As an MGEN policyholder, you cannot use Ameli Health Insurance account identifiers.

If authentication via the service is not possible, you can create a FranceConnect account via La Poste’s Digital Identity

For login or connection problems on FranceConnect, there is a dedicated FAQ.


Once identified, click on the button “Continue on Attestation Vaccine – Assurance Maladie.”


Enter your 13-digit Social Security number and validate


Download / save the certificate on the computer, tablet, or smartphone, then print it or take a picture of it if you have downloaded it on a computer and you do not have a printer to have it on your phone. https //

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As of today, all beneficiaries of a French health insurance scheme will be able to obtain. Their certified vaccination certificate, independently and securely, from the online service developed by the Health Insurance https //

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