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Business Operations of Hcsdoh.Org

Business Operations of Hcsdoh.Org

 Dining Services

Mission Statement

The Hamilton City School District’s School Meal Package is a contracted service with Chartwells K-12. The Dining Services Director remains Cinde Gorbandt. She has controlled the Hamilton City School District for fifteen years.

They Promise:

To extend our desire, dedication, knowledge, and enthusiasm into serving each student delicious and healthful meals. To nourish our students’ bodies, minds, and spirits and pave the way for a lifetime o success and well-being.


NEW!! How you access school menus is changing, and they are sure you will love it! In business with Chartwells K12, Hamilton City School District is now using Nutrislice to publish the school set menu to a new interactive website and an allowed smartphone app! Now you can access your menus wherever, anytime! Click this link to check out the novel site or download the app to your smartphone for mobile access.

School Bucks

MySchoolBucks® is your online expense portal, giving you a quick and easy way to manage and add funds to your student’s meal explanation. You can review recent purchases, see the current balance, and receive low balance alerts. All for FREE! You can also add cash to your student’s account using Visa, MasterCard, Discover Postcard, or debit cards for a small fee.

In some universities, you can pay directly from your examination account with mySchoolBucks. Many parents have previously signed on and are using some of the advanced features of mySchoolBucks. The “Usual it and forget it” payment option is the most popular, automatically adding funds to your student’s mealtime account. Funds can be added daily, monthly, or when the balance runs low (choose the “Setup a payment agenda” option during the checkout).

MySchoolBucks® provide:

  • Your child will no lengthily need to carry cash to school.
  • Make payments when convenient for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
  • Set little balance alerts, view account activity, recurring payments & more!
  • Make expenses for all your children in one easy step- even if they appear in different schools within the District.
  • Pay via VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, Debit or Electronic check.

Nursing Services – Hcsdoh.OrgNursing Services - Hcsdoh.Org

School-Based Health Center

Although, The District has joined Primary Health Solutions to offer medical, dental, behavioural health, and vision services to interested scholars, families, and staff. Also, The School-Based Health Center remains on the left side of Garfield Middle School, 250 North Fair Avenue, and is open year-round, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

To make a selection for your child, call 513-454-1111, or you may work with your school nurse throughout the school year. Also, Enrollment forms can originate here and remain in effect until your child is no longer enrolled in the Hamilton City Schools.

  • Also, Nurse Information and Forms
  • Cough Drop Information
  • Also, Guidelines for Bed Bugs
  • Also, Procedures for Keeping Students Home
  • Flu Guide for Parents
  • Also, Head Lice Letter
  • Also, Permit for Dispensing Prescription Medication
  • Immunization Information
  • Also, Meningococcal ACWY Vaccines
  • Tdap Vaccine
  • Also, 7th & 12th Grade Requirement for Meningococcal Vaccine

Transportation Documents

  • Non-Public Informational Letter to Parents
  • Also, Non-Public/ButlerTech Appeal For Transportation
  • Also, Demand For Transport To/From Sitter Form
  • Solicitud de Transporte a / Desde el Formulario Sitter
  • Also, C.S.D. Street Directory – Clack here to see if your speech is in theDistrict.

Master Schedules

  • Bridgeport
  • Also, Brookwood
  • Also, Crawford Woods
  • Fairwood
  • Also, Highland
  • Linden
  • Also, Ridgeway
  • Also, Riverview
  • Garfield
  • Also, Wilson
  • Also, HFS/HHS
  • Non-Public

Transportation Office

1995 Dixie Highway

Hamilton OH 45011

Office: (513) 887-5060

Fax: (513) 285-7473

Safety and Security

School Resource Officers

Although, The safety of the students is of the utmost importance. The Hamilton City School District has worked with the Hamilton City Police Department to make a School Resource Officer (S.R.O.) available at all buildings. Also, these officers work tirelessly to build into the students and staff and ensure a safe environment daily inside and outside the facilities.

Although, in light of current situations around the country, they want parents to understand the procedures the schools and Districts follow in case of a necessary lockdown. Also, Parents, please note that if you go to a school during a lockdown, you add to the confusion around the situation. Beyond that, you will not be able to sign your child out of school during any lockdown.


Level 1 – Although, External Lockdown. Also, the school office notifies staff, and all entrances and exits are locked. No one enters or exits the building, including parents and other family members. Also, Internal building functions continue as usual. Hcsdoh.Org

Level 2 – Full Lockdown. The school office notifies staff of Level 1 external lockdown plus an internal lockdown. Also, Classrooms are now locked. No one enters or exits the building, including parents or other family members. Also, Instruction continues as usual, but class changes and student passes are suspended unless notified.

Master Contracts

H.C.T.A. Master Contract

Also, OAPSE 151 2022-2025

AFSCME 468 2022-2025

Transportation 711 2020-2022


Email: hr@hcsdoh.org

Mr Mike Wright

Also, Associate Superintendent


Jesse Weisbrod

Also, Executive Director of Human Resources


Sheri Rasnick

Executive Secretary, Human Resources


Wendy Tuttle

Executive Secretary, Human Resources


Conclusion OF Hcsdoh.Org

Email: hr@hcsdoh.org. Mr Mike Wright Associate Superintendent mwright@hcsdoh.org. Jesse Weisbrod, Executive Director of Human Resources. Also, The Hamilton City School District strives to be a top-performing district in Ohio as measured by student growth and engagement. Hcsdoh.Org

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