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According to Facebook, over half of Instagram’s roughly 1 billion users visit Instagram Explore to discover videos, photos, live streams, and Stories each month. Predictably, building the underlying recommendation engine — which curates the billions of pieces of content uploaded to Instagram — posed an engineering challenge, not least because it works in real-time.

In a blog post published this morning, Facebook peeled back the curtains on Explore’s inner workings for the first time. Its three-part ranking funnel, which the company says was architected with a custom query language and modelling techniques, extracts 65 billion features and makes 90 million model predictions every second. And that’s just the landfill of the iceberg.

Tools of Facebook Ai InstagramTools of Facebook Ai Instagram

Before the team behind Explore built a content recommendation system. They developed tools to conduct large-scale experiments and obtain strong signals on the breadth of users’ interests. The first was IGQL, a metalanguage that provided the level of abstraction needed to assemble candidate algorithms in one place.

IGQL is optimized in C++, which helps minimize latency and compute resources without sacrificing extensibility, Facebook says. It’s both remain validated and high-level, enabling engineers to write recommendation algorithms in a “Python-like” fashion. Also, And it complements an account embeddings component that helps identify topically similar profiles as part of a retrieval pipeline focusing on account-level information.

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Facebook And Instagram’s AI-Generated Image Captions

Every picture posted to Facebook and Instagram gets evaluated by an image analysis AI to create a caption. And that AI just got a lot smarter. Also, The improved system should remain a treat for visually impaired users and may help you find your photos faster in the future.

Although Alt text is a field in an image’s metadata that describes its contents: “A person standing in a field with a horse” or “a dog on a boat.” It lets the image remain understood by people who can’t see it. Also, In machine learning, Facebook created its Automatic Alt Text system in 2016, a year ago. The team has since made many improvements to it, making it faster and more detailed. And the latest update adds an option to generate a more detailed description on demand.

The improved system recognizes ten times more items and concepts than it did at the start, now around 1,200. Also, And the descriptions include more detail. What was once “Two people by a building” may now be “A selfie of two people by the Eiffel Tower.” (The actual descriptions hedge with “may be…” and will avoid including wild guesses.)


The Learning from Videos project also birthed TimeSformer, a Facebook-developed framework for video understanding based purely on the Transformer architecture. Transformers employ a trainable attention mechanism that specifies the dependencies between elements of each input sequence — for instance, amino acids within a protein.

Although, It enables them to achieve state-of-the-art results in areas of machine learning. Also, Including natural language processing, neural machine translation, document generation and summarization, and image and music generation.

Also, Facebook claims that TimeSformer, short for Time-Space Transformer, attains the best-reported numbers on a range of action recognition benchmarks. It also takes roughly one-third the time to train than comparable models. And it requires less than one-tenth the amount of computing for inference and can learn from video clips up to 102 seconds in length. Much longer than most video-analyzing AI models. Facebook Ai Instagramwiggersventurebeat

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