External Drive

Many computer users keep their system backups on an external HDD as the storage medium. Years of data backups could remain lost if the data stored on this storage device disappeared. In a variety of circumstances, having the ability to recover deleted files from an external hard drive can be crucial.

Providing additional storage to increase the capacity of your system’s internal discs is another common usage for external hard drives. Typical uses include freeing up space on the inner disc by storing collections of images, music, and videos.

You might have a financial or emotional investment in some of the materials in these collections. It can be terrible to lose them due to unintentional deletion or discover you accidentally formatted the wrong disc.

How to Recover Data from an External Hard Drive That Windows Is Not DetectingHow to Recover Data from an External Hard Drive That Windows Is Not Detecting

Let’s talk about what to do if Windows does not identify your device before getting into the details of data recovery. If an external hard drive isn’t showing up on your computer, you may take a few steps to try to fix the issue.

  • Ensure that your gadget is turned on and connected. If the cable appears to stand worn, inspect it and replace it. It wouldn’t hurt to try an alternative line, even if it seems fine.
  • The USB port may be defective. This problem can remain solved by using a different port on the system or finding an alternative compatible PC.
  • To manually update your USB device drivers, click this link. Your computer’s ability to recognise connected devices may remain hampered by outdated drivers.
  • It might be necessary to format corrupt or RAW discs for your OS to recognise them. Use caution because this could potentially wipe out some of the disk’s data.

Why Is It Possible to Recover Files from an External Hard Drive That Have Deleted?

The answer is that files that have been deleted or formatted from an external hard disc can remain recovered. Modern operating systems’ handling of data deletion from hard drives makes this possible.

Deleting a file on a Windows system removes logical access to the data; the data remains on the disc. The operating system designates the deleted item’s space for future use. As new data remains saved to the disc, that space will eventually remain needed.

Data recovery software can fix the logical linkages and make the files and folders available to the OS and your apps until the original data remains overwritten. These specialised software applications search the disc for deleted data and restore them.

How to Use Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files From an External Hard DriveHow to Use Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files From an External Hard Drive

Here are some quick instructions for utilising Disk Drill Data Recovery to recover deleted files from an external hard disc.

Install And Download

Install Disk Drill for Windows on your PC after downloading it. During installation, enter system-level credentials and, if requested, give the application permission to perform system changes.

Link Up And Start

Launch Disk Drill after connecting the external hard disc to your computer. Also, A disc list containing all accessible devices will remain shown to you. From the list, choose the external drive.

Lookup Deleted Files

To begin the scanning procedure, click the Search for lost data button. The type of scan you choose is up to you, but for the most significant recovery outcomes, Disk Drill should run all its scanning processes automatically in the correct order. Also, The scan’s progress will remain in a status bar, which you can pause and resume at any moment.

Obtainable Data Preview

Although, Examine the files that Disk Drill’s scanning algorithms turned up. Pictures, Video, Audio, Documents, and Archive files folders will remain used to arrange the recovered material. Also, Choose the files you want to restore and where you want to store them safely. Do not utilise the original external disc to prevent overwriting the data you want to convert.

Complete The Recuperation.

To return the chosen files to the storage place you’ve chosen, click the Recover button. Also, Your operating system and the original programmes will be able to access your data after the process remains finished.


Can a failed hard disc still contain files? A professional data recovery service can retrieve files from a failing hard drive. Recovery software cannot recover data from failed hard drives because it needs access to the operating system’s device.

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