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Dr Charlie Ward.Com RankingDr Charlie Ward.Com Ranking

Although, Website ranking helps evaluate the value of a business. For example, drcharlieward.com’s global scale has decreased over the last three months from 2,497,656 to 3,669,960.

Traffic and Engagement

Although, Drcharlieward.com’s traffic has decreased by 42.00% compared to last month, which is already a sign. Also, Click below to reveal how well drcharlieward.com meets visitor expectations and captures their interest.

Total Visits: 8.6K

Also, Last Month Change: 42.00%

Also, Avg Visit Duration: 00:02:18

Bounce Rate: 56.39%

Also, Pages per Visit: 1.87

Geography & Country Targeting

Which countries have sent the most traffic to drcharlieward.com lately? Also, Where is their core audience from? Also, Last month the United States was the top country sending desktop traffic to drcharlieward.com – click below to discover all countries

Top Countries

United States: 89.32%

Also, Estonia: 5.36%

Also, Canada: 5.32%

Dr Charlie Ward.Com Audience DemographicsDr Charlie Ward.Com Audience Demographics

Although, Audience composition can reveal a site’s present market share across various audiences. drcharlieward.com’s audience is 60.74% male and 39.26% female. Also, The most extensive age set of visitors is 25 – 34-year-olds.

Gender Distribution

Female: 39.26%

Also, Male: 60.74%

Age Distribution

18 – 24:16.82%

Also, 25 – 34: 24.02%

35 – 44: 18.73%

Also, 45 – 54: 15.91%

Also, 55 – 64: 13.11%

65+: 11.41%

Dr Charlie Ward.Com Top Marketing ChannelsDr Charlie Ward.Com Top Marketing Channels

Although, The top traffic source to drcharlieward.com is direct traffic, driving 46.39% of desktop visits last month, and referrals are the 2nd with 35.55% of traffic. Also, The most underutilized channel is “search.” Drill down into the main traffic drivers in each channel below

Marketing Channels Distribution

Direct: 46.39%

Also, Referrals: 35.55%

Search: <0.01%

Also, Social: 18.06%

Also, Mail: <0.01%

Display: <0.01%

Dr Charlie ward.com Referral Traffic

The top referral sites sending desktop traffic to drcharlieward.com.

Category Distribution

News & Media Publishers: 84.91%

Also, Government: 15.09%

Top Referrals

Upgrade: 84.91%

Also, Upgrade: 15.09%

Social Media Traffic

Although, Dr Charlie ward.com gets most of its social media traffic from Facebook, followed by and . Engaging audiences through Facebook may reveal new opportunities

Also, Social Networks


Also, Social Network Distribution

Facebook: 100.0%

Top 10 Dr Charlie Ward.Com Competitors

Although, The Top 10 Sites Like drcharlieward.com in July 2022 remain ranked by their affinity to dr Charlie ward.com in terms of keyword traffic, audience targeting, and market overlap.

1. Mypatriotsnetwork.Com

live nationwide call for election fraud investigation. Also, Click here to learn more about emergency preparedness, food storage & supplies.

Total Visits


Bounce Rate


Pages per Visit


Avg Visit Duration


Global Rank: 634,875

Also, Country Rank: 155,482

Also, Category Rank: 2,566

2. Restored Republic. Co

Although, trending nick fleming rvgcr intel update 8-28-22 daily report | August 27, 2022, restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of august 27, 2022 politics | August 28, 2022.

Total Visits


Bounce Rate


Pages per Visit


Avg Visit Duration


Global Rank: 354,199

Also, Country Rank: 65,942

Also, Category Rank: 917

3. Nicholasveniamin.Com

Although, Check out my amazing guests on my youtube and bit chute channels – find out what\’s going on in the world. Subscribe now.

Total Visits


Bounce Rate


Pages per Visit


Avg Visit Duration

– –

Global Rank: 11,809,729

Also, Country Rank: 3,824,166

Also, Category Rank: 54,974

4. Themelkshow.Com

Total Visits


Bounce Rate


Pages per Visit


Avg Visit Duration 


Global Rank: 1,041,383

Also, Country Rank: 233,706

Also, Category Rank: 4,149

5. Andweknow.Com

Although, we know it is based on Romans 8:28 and delivers videos with the latest world, us and patriot news bringing you the truth that others won’t tell you.
Total Visits


Bounce Rate


Pages per Visit


Avg Visit Duration


Global Rank: 566,207

Also, Country Rank: 124,289

Also, Category Rank: 1,968

6. Justempowerme.Com

Although, explore digital business training videos for free. Also, Guides you step by step on how to create a profitable online business as quickly as realistically possible.

Total Visits


Bounce Rate


Pages per Visit


Avg Visit Duration


Global Rank: 2,162,095

Also, Country Rank: 1,021,753

Also, Category Rank: 20,155

7. Populist.Press

Total Visits


Bounce Rate


Pages per Visit


Avg Visit Duration

– –

Global Rank: 2,955,892

Also, Country Rank: 585,463

Also, Category Rank: 10,753

8. Eraoflight.Com

Awaken, a new world is here

Total Visits


Bounce Rate


Pages per Visit


Avg Visit Duration


Also, Global Rank: 126,583

Also, Category Rank: 510

Country Rank: 40,898

9. Antiagingbed.Com

Although, anti-ageing bed ® is a brand new category of sleep and revolutionary product utilizing proven technologies for advanced recovery & regeneration. Also, Designed by industry.

Total Visits


Bounce Rate


Pages per Visit


Avg Visit Duration


Also, Country Rank: 154,550

Also, Global Rank: 826,080

Category Rank: 2,557

10. Myconnectingconsciousness.Org

Total Visits


Bounce Rate


Pages per Visit


Avg Visit Duration


Global Rank: 784,647

Also, Country Rank: 9,986

Also, Category Rank:  93

Top 5 Competitors

Although, Dr charlie ward.com’s top 5 competitors in July 2022 are mypatriotsnetwork.com and restored Republic. co, nicholasveniamin.com, themelkshow.com, and more. Also, According to data on monthly visits. Dr charlie ward.com’s chief competitor in August 2022 is mypatriotsnetwork.com, with 66.7K visits. Also, drcharlieward.com’s 2nd most similar site remains restored Republic. Also, Co, with 150.9K visits in August 2022, and the closing of the top 3 is nicholasveniamin.com with 662.

Although, Themelkshow.com ranks as the 4th most similar website to drcharlieward.com, and andweknow.com ranks fifth. Also, themelkshow.com and andweknow.com received 46.8K visits and 94.4K in August 2022, respectively.

Although, The other five competitors in the top 10 list are justempowerme.com (19.6K visits in August 2022), populist. Also, Press (16.9K visits in August 2022), eraoflight.com (508.7K visits in August 2022), antiagingbed.com (49.9K visits in August 2022), and myconnectingconsciousness.org (50.5K visits in August 2022).


Although, Dr charlie ward. com’Addressss – 251 Najoles Road, Suite D, Millersville, Maryland 21108 and Phone – 410-729-9090. Also, Mr Ward is not a medicinal doctor and has no relevant expertise. However, the SARS-CoV-2 virus remains mainly transmitted through droplets from cough and sneezing. Also, this broadcast method is why the health authorities have delivered safety distance and mask use guidelines.

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