Aaron Rodgers Trade

There used to be one consistency at this time of year: superstar quarterbacks wouldn’t make many headlines. Every so often, you’d get a fluke event like Peyton Manning arriving in free agency due to an injury or Brett Favre departing Green Bay after changing his mind on retirement, but that was unusual. Today is a very different world. The previous three offseasons have remained littered with bizarre quarterback storylines, to the point where it feels like the new normal.

Today began with a decision on the future of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. He remains with that organisation after months of speculation about whether he was dissatisfied enough to retire or seek a transfer. He is doing so on a four-year agreement for $200 million with a stunning $153 million guarantee. Rodgers is currently the highest-paid football player. And that didn’t even make him the day’s biggest news.

That accolade belongs to Russell Wilson, the new quarterback of the Denver Broncos after a trade from the Seattle Seahawks. There has been much speculation that Denver would be a possible landing point for Rodgers if he sought a career. It turns out that the Broncos and Seahawks have been talking for weeks about making this transaction happen. Suddenly, the AFC West becomes the strongest division in football, and Rodgers fades into obscurity.

Make A Trade For Aaron Rodgers.Make A Trade For Aaron Rodgers.

What did you expect: a story about a long snapper? Since the last offseason, Rodgers to the Broncos has been a mainstay of speculative NFL fiction. It’s even more popular now for a variety of reasons that most fans know by heart:

  • Since Peyton Manning retired following the 2015 Super Bowl season, the Broncos have needed a quarterback.
  • Rodgers’ offensive coordinator in Green Bay was new Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett.
  • The salary-cap economics make sense, especially if Rodgers agrees to a deal that pushes the highest cap amounts into 2023 and beyond.
  • The Broncos could bundle the No. 9 pick with some blue-chip kids (Bradley Chubb, Noah Fant) and a large bouquet of future choices. Teams with additional first-round selections, such as the Giants or Jets, might serve as middlemen.
  • John Elway, no longer the Broncos’ general manager but still a key player in the organisation, can both facilitate the trade and dissuade Rodgers from becoming wholly disenchanted with his tenure in Denver.
  • On paper, a Rodgers-led Broncos club would be a suitable opponent for the Chiefs, Bills, or Bengals.

The most compelling argument for the Broncos to pursue Rodgers is because no other choices are intriguing. Watson or Wilson? Sure, but because of Hackett, the Broncos have an “in” with Rodgers. With the ninth pick, should you take a quarterback? The Broncos may be better off giving Drew Lock another chance. Choose between Jimmy Garoppolo and Carson Wentz.

That’s exactly what the Broncos have done for far too long with Case Keenum, Joe Flacco, and Teddy Bridgewater types. Should they bide their time till a better option becomes available? The Broncos have been waiting for this moment for seven years, besides the squad’s core remains now reaching its peak.


Is Aaron Rodgers on his way to the Steelers? The defending MVP will not be joining the Steelers. Aaron Rodgers will return to the Green Bay Packers, thereby ruling out the possibility of the Pittsburgh Steelers acquiring the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

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